PSV Application - 2018 Fall (LA)

Training date: Saturday, October 13th,  2018

Phone interviews will be scheduled once the application closes.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering and or interning with ACCESS Women's Health Justice!  Please fill out the following form and ATTACH YOUR RESUME.  ACCESS is committed to developing the leadership of volunteers who represent the communities who call us - in particular, people of color, transfolx and gender non-conforming/non-binary folx, people who have lived experience with abortion, and womxn who have faced intersecting barriers accessing reproductive health services. 

Practical Support Volunteer. Volunteers help people obtain safe, quality abortion services without delay, by providing direct assistance – rides, overnight housing, child care, translation, etc. – to help people physically make
it to their appointments. Practical Support volunteers are based all around California and provide services within their own areas.  The position is on-call based on volunteer availability. Practical Support Volunteers are asked to describe their availability during the week and we will call or email them if/when there is a need when they might be available.
    • Provide practical support services at least 4 times per year or 50% of the times when emailed/called.

    • Commit to providing support for a minimum of 6 months.

    • Update your contact information once a year via email or phone.
    • Check-in by email or phone every 3 months with Healthline Operators.
    • Participate in at least 1 online, telephone, or in-person advocacy action every year.

This form can not be saved in progress so consider writing answers to longer questions in another program, then cutting and pasting responses into the form. Consider having your resume ready to attach before filling in the form. ACCESS undertakes to keep confidential any information provided by the applicant for the purposes of the application.


1) Demographics
You may optionally provide the following information. It is used to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

2) Reproductive Justice in Action

3) Volunteering
Becoming a Volunteer in the ACCESS Practical Support Network
PLEASE NOTE: These questions are NOT used for screening applicants.  This information is being collected now to save time and paper at the training. 

Practical Support Volunteer Availability. Please select the days and times you are available each week. When ACCESS receives a request from a caller, we only contact people who have listed availability during that time. If you would like to receive more requests or if you often have a flexible schedule, select more or all time slots.

If you can provide housing for people who need to travel for healthcare, please fill out this section.  These questions are not considered part of the application process and there are no right or wrong answers. If you cannot provide housing at this time, please skip to the next section.
Yes No

If you can provide transportation for people who need to travel for healthcare, please fill out this section.  These questions are not considered part of the application process and there are no right or wrong answers. If you cannot provide transportation at this time, please skip to the next section

Yes No

4) Emergency Contact Info

5) Prior Volunteering Experience

6) References
Please list three references, including at least two supervisors or co-workers from a paid or volunteer job you’ve had.
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

7) Resume

8) Training Details

Goals of the Reproductive Justice in Action Training:

  • To build community support for people seeking reproductive health care, including abortion.
  • To relate the everyday experiences and barriers pregnant people face.
  • To educate and train the next generation of reproductive justice leaders as practical support volunteers, healthline patient advocates, as spokespeople, and long-term activists for reproductive justice.
This training will be facilitated by ACCESS Women's Health Justice staff, interns, and/or board members. You will learn about the reproductive justice framework and common barriers our callers face in accessing reproductive healthcare. As volunteers, you will leave prepared to offer practical support, and be an advocate for reproductive justice. All new volunteers are required to attend this training.


Please submit this page only once, and do not refresh the page. 
The application can take a long time to process, please be patient and do not resubmit.

***Children of all ages are welcome to attend ACCESS events. ACCESS also provides childcare and transportation support. Email us if you're interested in any of these accommodations.***

Applications will be reviewed once applications close. If you have any questions, 
please email at us or call at 510-923-0739. 
Thank you!