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Learn New Skills | Launch your Career | Improve your Community

Build on what you already know about technology to learn in-demand tech skills and put them to work for small businesses right in your neighborhood. 

Program Details:

  • Dates: October 30, 2018 - February 8, 2019
  • Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-8PM and Saturdays 12-4PM
  • Location: Boys & Girls Club San Leandro
You can expect to learn:

  • How to build a website
  • How to work with a real client
  • Customer service, communication, collaboration, and professionalism
Eligibility requirements:
  • Be 14-18 years-old
  • Be a resident of San Leandro, San Lorenzo, or Hayward 
  • Be able to commute to the boot camp location
  • Be able to participate in all the boot camp classes

Benefits (all accepted applicants will receive the following benefits upon the successful completion of the program): 
  • Learn: web design and professional skills
  • Receive: a new laptop
  • Visit: tech campuses for learning
  • Build: a website for a small business
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