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Access for All
  • Provide 10 to 20% of the total program cost (approximately $300-500 per classroom). The Office of Early Learning and the funding community will cover 80 to 90% or more of the program cost. (If you feel the approximate classroom fee is a barrier to your participation we still encourage you to apply, but please provide in your narrative a brief statement about this and what financial contribution is possible.)
  • Attend a planning session and an end-of-year debrief/evaluation session hosted by the Office of Early Learning.
  • Complete a classroom profile before the orientation meeting and an online pre- and post-program survey.

Your school is eligible if you are a Baltimore City Public School with a majority of low-income students.

For your application to be considered, you must submit ALL the following items:
  • School Application Form - one per school
  • Teacher Application Form - one per classroom
  • One-Page Narrative - one per school

Lead Teacher, please complete the following (one per school):

Each participating teacher must complete the following section.

School and Classroom Information
On average PreK and K students receive
days of Visual Arts instruction each:
On average PreK and K students receive
days of Music instruction each:
On average PreK and K students receive
days of Theatre or Dance instruction each:
(i.e. field trips to museums or artist visits)
(i.e. field trips to museums or artist visits)
(i.e. field trips to museums or artist visits)


Please compose or upload a one-page narrative that describes your school’s need for quality arts programming and why having this programming is important to your school. 

A high-quality narrative will include the following components:
A high-quality narrative will include the following components:
  • The outcomes (for both students and teacher practice) that your classroom or school hopes to gain.
  • Connection between participation in the Wolf Trap program and achievement of overall school or classroom goals.
  • Citation of research or past experience to support expected outcomes or connection to classroom/school goals.
  • Meaningful student quotes or anecdotes demonstrating the importance of the arts for your students.
  • Explanation of school financial need, beyond restating the number of students receiving FARMs.

If possible, please include quotes, testimonials, or anecdotes from teachers and/or students.

If your school cannot contribute the 20% match required, please make sure to address what financial commitment you can make and why you are unable to commit the full 20%. Schools that can commit to pay 20% will be given priority.

Upload your one-page narrative:

Principal's Signature

Lastly, please have the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL digitally sign this form.

Please have the school principal sign this form. This illustrates leadership support for bringing this opportunity to your students and a commitment to fulfill the requirements of receiving this assistance, including paying the 10-20% of the program cost. By accepting this funding, you are giving Young Audiences permission to come photograph or video your school’s program.

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