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Contain the Rain Johnson County Reimbursement Program

Rain Garden Pre-approval application
For cities of Fairway, Roeland Park, Westwood and Westwood Hills only
This application is for pre-approval of rain garden projects. Do not begin work before receiving pre- approval of your project.  Complete all required fields and upload all necessary documentation. We will contact you to schedule an on-site inspection to review your plans. Please email if you have questions about submitting this form.

By submitting this application, I attest that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this program. I certify that I am the homeowner of the above address and that all information and documentation provided are true and accurate. Additionally, I give permission for a representative of Bridging The Gap or the cities of Fairway, Roeland Park, Westwood Hills or Westwood, to visit my property for the purpose of inspecting the viability of installing a rain garden. I understand that reimbursement is not guaranteed even in the event that my project was pre-approved.