IfNotNow Orientation Training Registration 

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Thank you for your interest in attending an IfNotNow orientation training and becoming a member of IfNotNow. To sign up for a training, please complete the two pages of this registration form. All questions with a red asterisk are required.
Your Information
IfNotNow collects your contact and demographic information so that we can connect you with our internal communication platforms and understand who constitutes this movement.

If you don't feel comfortable putting your exact birth date, please enter 01/01/[birth year].
Your Training Details

Who Are You: Education & Jewish Identity Categories
IfNotNow welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations into our movement. We affirm that there are as many ways to be Jewish as there are Jews.

In Your Own Words: Who Are You?
IfNotNow is centered on building community and creating a strong relational culture. We would love to know a little more about you, however much you want to share.

If you have questions about your training registration, please write to us at info@ifnotnowmovement.org

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Creating an Accessible, Comfortable Training Environment

IfNotNow serves vegetarian snacks and meals; your answer will help us make sure we will have food to meet your dietary needs.

Contributing to the Cost of the Training
IfNotNow relies upon the generosity of its participants to pay for trainings, while also making them accessible to all irrespective of financial ability to contribute. These donations go towards the cost of food, supplies, and renting space. 

After you hit "Submit," you will have the opportunity to make that payment on the page you will be brought to. We ask that, if possible, you fulfill your pledge now, but please make the donation when it is comfortable for you. No contribution is too large or small, and all is welcome. 

Below, we ask you to let us know how much you intend to donate based on our sliding scale breakdown, so that if you opt to pay later, we will be able to include your intended amount in our budgeting.
If you have questions about your training registration, please write to us at info@ifnotnowmovement.org