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Well-being Tools for Practitioners – Part 3 - Life Skills for Youth 

In Part 3 of this series we will focus on ways to empower youth with well-being and resilience skills through age-appropriate stress management and problem-solving strategies. This training will provide basic youth-focused tips, activities, and practices you can facilitate with youth in your OST program. 

Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL THREE TRAININGS in the series and complete assignments in between trainings.

If you have not registered for Well-Being Tools for Practitioners and Youth part two, please go back to Prime Time's website and register for part two before proceeding. 

·        Well-being Tools for Practitioners - Part 2- Modeling 

(Thursday, October 17, 2019)

·        Well-being Tools for Practitioners – Part 3- Life Skills for Youth  

(Friday, November 1, 2019)

Core Competencies Addressed 
Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children/Youth: 
5.A: Model developmentally appropriate guidance approaches that promote positive behaviors, problem solving and self-control – Entry Level, Levels 1-2 
5.C: Use strategies to assist children and youth in learning to express emotions in positive ways including problem solving and decision –making - Levels 1-3 
Core Knowledge Area – Health, Safety and Nutrition: 
8.C: Plan activities that teach children or youth techniques to deal with stress and develop resiliency – Entry Level, Levels 1-3

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