Engaged Graduate Student Grant

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These grants enable Ph.D. students to initiate or build research or scholarship that is community-engaged, or to develop strategies for incorporating community engagement into existing research and scholarship.

In addition, proposals are welcomed that would develop or execute strategies for “Broader Impacts of the Proposed Work” of an NSF grant, a public engagement component of an NIH grant or work in the public humanities.

For more information, see the Engaged Graduate Student Grant (right click to open in new tab) page on the Engaged Cornell website.   

Contacengagedcornell@cornell.edu with any questions or concerns.




Provide list of all known community partner(s).  Attach letter(s) of collaboration from the community partner(s), including a resume or LinkedIn profile of the key contact, description of the role that the partner expects to play in the collaboration and how they will interact with the student. If the original letter of collaboration is in a language other than English, please provide a translation.

Please include:
  • objectives, project, and timeline;
  • benefits to community partner(s) and/or the beneficiaries of the project;
  • the relationship of work to thesis research;
  • supplementary programming, training or coursework that prepare the student for community-based research (e.g., instruction in IRB processes, responsible conduct, relevant research methods, collaborative practices and ethics, (co)publication, data ownership and management or sharing products of the work);
  • plan for student to publish and/or present community-engaged research.


For additional  budget information, see the Engaged Graduate Student Grant (right click to open in new tab) page on the Engaged Cornell website.


Provide disclosure regarding any other current or pending grant applications, or funding sources that support student's:
  • dissertation travel; 
  • research funding; 
  • stipend.

Please remember that applications are not complete without a letter of support from one referee that addresses the student’s potential for success in their field of study as well as the potential impact and significance of the community-engaged research proposed in the application. To maintain confidentiality, letters must be submitted by the referee directly to engagedcornell@cornell.edu with the name of the applying student in the subject line. Submission deadlines will be enforced.

Contact engagedcornell@cornell.edu with any questions.