Asylum Approved! How to Represent Asylum & Bond Seekers

View the training via WEBCAST (taped on April 29, 2016*) on your device at a place and time convenient to you. You will be emailed access instructions within 1 business day. 

Results continue to show that the most important factor determining outcome in many immigration cases is whether or not an individual has representation in court. Attorneys barred in any state can take this 2-part training to learn how to represent unaccompanied immigrant children and mothers with children who are applying for asylum. This training covers how to represent immigrants before the Baltimore Immigration Court, including seeking release on bond from immigration jail and presenting an asylum case. Participating attorneys must agree to accept at least one asylum or bond case pro bono case from a Maryland Immigrant Legal Assistance Project Partner within one year of registering.

*Part 2 of this training is a recording of the AM session of "Model Hearing with the Baltimore Immigration Court: Asylum and Bond" training, taped March 23, 2018. The PM session of that training was a model hearing for volunteers to get feedback from the court, and is not available to watch. 

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