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Finalists are subject to a background search of the following:
  • National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • County or statewide criminal history search
  • Social Security number verification
  • Global Watch List
  • Multi-Court Jurisdictional
  • State police records
  • State CPS database

*Please note, a criminal conviction may OR may not disqualify you from participating in the Fellowship, it is dependent case-by-case

Fellowship Preferences

Please rank the following cities in order of your preference for Fellowship placement, with 1 being your first choice and 8 being your last choice. Please use the comments section to tell us anything you think we should know about your city rankings. While your preferences will be taken into account, there is no guarantee that you will be placed in your first choice if selected for the Fellowship.
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Repair the World Fellows will focus on two issue areas: education justice and food justice.

A sample food justice Fellow could be working with an urban farming organization to maintain a community garden, and recruit volunteers to weed and clean the garden during planting season. Another Fellow might be volunteering at a soup kitchen assisting in meal prep for lunch that week and recruiting others to join them, while another Fellow might be working with an organization that bakes Challah to raise money and awareness for social justice and mobilizes volunteers to do the same.

A sample education justice Fellow might run a project recruiting and overseeing volunteers in an after school tutoring and mentoring program for students at a low-income school. Another education justice Fellow might run a bike building and repair class for local kids, recruiting community members to teach, while another Fellow might do GED tutoring and run a book club for homeless women and engaging others to join them.

*In many of our cities, Fellows have the opportunity to serve with both food and education partners. 

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* As a Note: We do not judge an application by video quality or an ability to edit etc... We are happy to accept someone speaking into their smart phone or a camera just as much as someone who wants to create an edit video. This is just an opportunity for our Fellows to share parts of themselves outside of writing.

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Please include the information for two references. They should be individuals who have supervised/overseen you in various contexts (only one academic reference). Make sure the individuals you choose have worked with you in a supervisory capacity (do not provide peer/friend references).
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Important: Once you submit this application, an automated email will be sent to your references with an online recommendation form for them to complete.

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Important: Once you submit this application, an automated email will be sent to your references with an online recommendation form for them to complete.

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