National Document Register

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (the National Award Operator) established a National Document Register in 2000.

The Register enables the Award to mitigate inconsistent, inaccurate or incomplete information from being distributed regarding the management and delivery of the Award. The Register encompasses all public information and organisational information created by the NAO or State Award Operating Authorities.

The Register also enables the Award to meet IAF licence requirements regarding protecting the intellectual property of the Award.

To submit a document for review and registration, complete the form below and upload the document. You will receive an automatically generated email confirming the submission. Then the document will go under review. You will be advised an outcome within 3 days. If the registration is accepted, you will be provided with a Document Register Number. The Document Register Number must be included on all documents prior and throughout their usage.

The following criteria will assist you with determining which documents must be registered:

1.     Any information that refers to the Award and its requirements/conditions regarding doing or delivering the Award that is:

a) Public Information (e.g. training and ‘how to’ guides; reference documents such as ‘role of…’; general information on the program such as summaries, checklists, brochures; Adventurous Journey information)

b)  Organisational Information (e.g. policies that have been updated; forms such as a Participant checklists; Annual reports)


2.   Any document where the Award logo/brand Identifiers are being used for the first time other than similar documents that have already been submitted to register, e.g. Gold Award Ceremony programs, account invoices etc.

Documents that are internal or not for public usage generally do not need to be registered. For further clarification, please contact the National Award Authority.