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CAP Brainstorms

Brainstorms allow CAP to serve a wide variety of nonprofit clients, especially those who are small or whose issues don’t fit with the CAP Consulting multi-month pro-bono consulting engagements. 

Brainstorms allow alumni to put their skills to use in service of local nonprofits with a limited time commitment. Examples of recent brainstorming session topics include: succession planning; board governance; impact measurement and reporting; ways to increase an organization’s visibility and reach; and staffing structures for continued growth.

**Unless otherwise specified, Brainstorm sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. 

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Brainstorm Descriptions 
For over 20 years, Silver Lining Mentoring (SLM) has served youth in foster care in greater Boston with consistent, well-trained volunteer mentors and life skills programs. Youth in foster care experience frequent moves and relationship disruptions. SLM reaches over 250 youth each year with an average match relationship length of nearly 4 years (twice the national average for mentoring relationships).
As of 2019, the organization began scaling their impact nationally through the Silver Lining Mentoring Institute to help connect more youth in foster care to volunteer mentors. The Institute accomplishes this aim by:
​-​ providing training and strategic consulting to help mentoring programs launch, grow, and utilize best practices
​-​ engaging in state and federal policy advocacy
​-​ contributing to thought leadership to raise public awareness about the relational needs of youth in foster care.

The Institute has clients in 29 states reaching more than 10K youth served by those programs. SLM is seeking a CAP brainstorm team to offer strategic guidance on where and how to best create--over the next 2-3 years--a national network of relationships that facilitate the organization's national program and fundraising goals.

The Details: Tuesday, July 11, 2023 from 12 pm - 2 pm via Zoom.

Terms and Conditions
Community Action Partners (CAP) Volunteer Agreement 

Though participation in CAP projects is a volunteer effort, the client organizations we serve and fellow volunteers count on the professionalism of each CAP volunteer. Please acknowledge the following:
  • I agree not to disclose any confidential client information obtained in connection with this project work, or use confidential client information for personal, family or professional gain during or after this project.
  • I agree that none of CAP, HBSAB or HBS, or their respective officers, directors, trustees, affiliates, other volunteers, employees, agents, successors or assigns shall have any liability of any kind or nature to me relating to, or arising out of, the CAP program or any services rendered in connection with the CAP Program, including any claims by a Client Party
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HBSAB Community Action Partners (CAP) occasionally uses photographs of volunteers and events in its publications and on its website. Please check below to grant CAP permission to use your photo and/or video image. I hereby give my permission to Community Action Partners (CAP) to use photographic or video images taken of me and release them for the purposes of promoting and publicizing CAP and its program. I expressly release CAP from any claim for financial compensation now and in the future arising out of the use of the photographic images.