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Application for HI USA Board-Elected Directors

HI USA 2020/2021 Board of Directors Election
Part 1
Part I of the application form establishes your eligibility to serve on the HI USA board of directors by completing the Experience Profile. 

Part 2
Section A: A Personal Statement addressing the following topics:

  1. What attracts you to HI USA and serving on the HI USA Board? 
  2. Given your previous leadership experience, what would you bring to the HI USA board in terms of leadership and governance experience?
  3. Given your current understanding of HI USA, what are the critical challenges facing HI USA as it works to advance its vision for the future?
  4. What are the most important broader societal opportunities and challenges that we face today where HI USA can make a difference, and how can we as an organization help address them?

Section B: A Personal Resume of not more than two pages which lists:
  1. Your personal contact information
    • Name
    • Postal Address
    • Email Address
    • Telephone
  2. Education
  3. Brief employment history
  4. Brief Description of HI USA engagement and accomplishments (if applicable)

Section C: A Headshot Photograph which we can post on our website as part of your candidate profile.

Section D: One reference with all of the contact information requested in Section D.

Completed applications should be submitted by October 30, 2019 to ensure consideration for this year’s nominations. Early applications are encouraged. 

Questions may be submitted to Board Development Committee Chair Ane Powers by emailing boardelecteddirectors@hiusa.org

Part I

Application Information

Candidate Experience Profile
The Board Development Committee has identified the skills and experience for highly qualified candidates.  For each attribute that applies to your candidacy, indicate the extent of your experience.   If an attribute does not directly relate to your experience, leave row blank.
Candidate Attributes
Substantial Experience Some Experience Limited Experience

Professional Experience
Substantial Experience Some Experience Limited Experience

Previous Board Experience
Substantial Experience Some Experience Limited Experience

Commitment to Diversity

Part II, Section A: Personal Statement

Please provide a written statement in response to each of the following topics.

Part II, Section B: A Personal Resume

Please attach below a resume including the following information:

1.       Your personal contact information

2.       Education

3.       Brief employment history

4.       Brief description of HI USA engagement and accomplishments (if applicable)

Part II, Section C: A Headshot Photograph

Please attach a .JPG image file that is at least 72 dpi resolution and has dimensions of at least 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall.

Part II, Section D: Personal Reference

Reference Information

By clicking the submit button below you are indicating your interest to run for a position on HI USA's Board of Directors.