University of Alaska Anchorage

Postpone Your Application

UAA can postpone your application up to one year after the term for which you originally applied. Submit the form below to request a postponement.

Please note: If your application was postponed from a previous semester, you may still need to reapply.  Additionally, if you are currently enrolled in a different University of Alaska campus, you do not need to complete this form.

Directory Information

This can be found in your
admission letter.
Postponement Information

You may postpone your application semester for up to one year as long as you are not registered for classes. Please note that your catalog year and graduation requirements may change.

Note: You will be required to submit an official transcript from the institution you attend showing all grades after completion of your coursework.

If you receive an error when submitting this form, please check your UAID number to confirm that it is correct.

Questions about this form may be sent to