Northwest Nonprofit Venues Map Application

Nonprofits are often looking for venues for all kinds of events. Our "Venues for Northwest Nonprofits" map helps bring nonprofits and venues together. All venues are listed on a map linked from our website.

501 Commons
Through this application form, you can register a venue. Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you with any questions. You will also receive a notification when this form is submitted and when the listing is published. 

Lastly, there is no fee for being listed. 501 Commons currently provides this tool as a free benefit to the nonprofit community.

Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.
Contact Info. of Applicant (NOT Published on Map)
Organization Info. (NOT Published on Map)
Venue Name and Location (Published on Map)
Venue Info. (Published on Map)
The table below shows venue categories and examples found in each.

Venue Categories Venue Types (Examples)
Community or Cultural Center community center, place of worship, historic venue
Conference Center or Event Space conference center, specialized event space
Educational Center school (e.g., university), training facility
Hotel, Resort, Lodge, or Camp hotel, resort, lodge, camp
Library library (e.g., private room in public library)
Museum or Gallery museum, gallery
Office or Studio Meeting Space office, shared meeting space
Parks and Recreation Facility in-park meeting or event space
Performing Arts Venue theatre, cinema, performance hall
Restaurant or Beverage Venue restaurant, microbrewery, pub

Venue Description

Please keep the descriptions basic and use general terms. For examples, view current listings on the map linked from our website.

We ask that you NOT include information in the description that changes periodically. For example, avoid:
  • Contact people's names, phone numbers, or email addresses
  • Rental costs
  • Amount of discount available to nonprofits
Such information is fine on a venue's website, but not on the Venues Map.

Example Venue Description: Our theatre offers a thrust-stage venue available for theatrical productions, presentations, speaking events, film screenings, graduations, and other events, seating up to 200 audience members. 
Enter your homepage if a venue rental webpage is not available.
To select multiple options, hold down the CTRL or Command key while clicking.
E.g.: classroom, meeting room, etc.
E.g.: 16 -34
Additional Notes and Questions (NOT Published on Map)
Please add any comments you would like to share with 501 Commons about the venue. This will not be published.
If you have any questions, please contact Information & Referral Program Manager Matt Fikejs at (206) 682-6704 x105 or