Learning Network Tender Responses

Information for Tenderers
The Co-op Foundation invites tenders for a contract to develop and deliver a learning network.
Please use the form below to upload all documents related to your response to the tender. Your response to the tender should be received by midday on 3rd December 2018. 

All documents relating to the invitation to tender can be found below:
Invitation to Tender - Learning Network
Appendix A - General Information Questionnaire
Appendix B - Pricing Schedule 

The Invitation to tender details what information is required within each part of your tender response and what format is required. Please ensure that your documents are accurate and complete before uploading, and that you upload every document required. 

If you have any questions or technical difficulties with your submission please email foundation@coop.co.uk 

Please note the deadline for clarification questions is 26th November 2018. Responses below:

Clarification 1: The page limit provided for each section is the maximum length of response permitted, not a guide to the expected length of the response. 

Clarification 2:
 There are no restrictions on the type/legal structure of organisation who can submit a response to the invitation to tender. 

Clarification 3: To define loneliness we would refer to the definition used in the recent Government Loneliness strategy

Clarification 4: The General Information Questionnaire can be uploaded as an Excel file.

Clarification 5: 
We received a a question about expectations for UK-wide engagement.  
The Building Connections Fund, of which this is a part, is funding for work specifically for England. For the Learning Network, the focus is again on England but we would be interested to understand tenderer’s ideas for facilitating learning exchange between nations, particularly as part of the long term sustainability of the network. We also have a number of current partners based in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales who may choose to attend activity delivered in England as part of the learning network. 

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Declaration and consent to share information

Contact details

Part 1 - General Information

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Part 2 - Technical Submission

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Part 3 - Pricing Schedule

This file should be labelled "Tenderername_network_pricing"