RIC Centre Incubator Application

This application is for the RIC Centre Incubator program. In order to access all of RIC Centre’s program, and be considered for the Incubator, you must also register as a RIC client at our website: riccentre.ca/register/

Questions? Get in touch at operations@riccentre.com. For the Incubator application process, please identify a member of your team who will be the Primary Contact for RIC Centre. A representative from RIC Centre will be in touch with the Primary Contact to provide updates on the application process, requirements, and results. Thanks!

We've got a few questions that we need to ask about your startup and how well it would fit with the Incubator program. Please answer the following questions pertaining to your startup, the resources you require, and the milestones you wish to achieve in the next 6 months.

Initial Milestone Plan

Additional Milestones

Additional Information