RIC Centre Incubator Application

We are currently accepting applications for the Aug 1, 2019 - Jan 31, 2020 incubator cohort. 

In order to be considered for the RIC Centre incubator program, you must submit this application form before June 14 2019, and, if you are new to the RIC Centre, you must also register as a client at riccentre.ca/register/. There is no cost to register or apply. 

You are eligible to apply for the RIC Centre incubator program if you're an Ontario-based company developing innovative technology. Preference will be given to clients in the areas of Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing, hardware development, digital media & ICT, and clean technologies. Please see https://riccentre.ca/incubator/ for more details about how we select clients for admission to the program. 

Key Dates: 

1.       June 4: *OPTIONAL* information session at RIC Centre

2.       June 14: Deadline to submit the application form

3.       June 24: Finalists will be notified

4.       July 9: Finalists will present their business case to the External Review Panel

5.       July 12: All applicants will be notified of competition results

6.       Aug 1: Move in date

7.       Aug 6: Programming begins

Questions? Please contact operations@riccentre.com

Contact Details

Business Details

Program Impact

Milestone Objectives

All participants in the incubator program are asked to identify and track key milestone objectives over the 6-month period. These milestones will help focus your interactions with our business advisers and you will be required to report on them at mid-term and at the end of the program.

Examples of objectives include: revenue or sales targets, development of marketing materials, preparing financial models, completion of primary market research, customer acquisition, product development or manufacturing objectives, hiring new team members, the development of strategic partnerships, etc. Choose metrics that are high priority and meaningful in your unique situation.

Please note that metrics beyond your control such as obtaining funding from investments or grants are not recommended for this purpose. 

Additional Information