LISD Tarrant County Campus Voices Fellowship Application

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Education & Employment

Volunteer & Civic/Professional Activities

Volunteer Activities
You may add up to 5 volunteer activities. Please be sure to include all service on boards, committees, etc.

Civic/Professional Activities

Free Response Questions

Please answer each of the following questions in 250 WORDS or less. 


Please provide contact information for two references. References will automatically receive an email asking them to complete a very brief online reference form. The reference form will remain open until December 7th at midnight and we will continue to send reminders to references as needed.  

Reference 1

Reference 2

Fellow Commitments

Upon acceptance into the Fellowship, you are making a commitment to the organization, your Fellow cohort members, and the education community to fully participate in the program including the following primary time commitments. You can find more details on the Tarrant County Program FAQ.


Leadership ISD is a tuition based program with the following fee structure. Partial scholarships are available for individuals in need of financial assistance. Scholarship applications are sent out after we have selected our cohort.

Educator and Staff Tuition: $250
Administrator Tuition: $500

Signature Page

By entering my initials below, I certify that the information in this application is complete and accurate. I read, understand, and agree to the Fellowship Commitments outlined here and in the Program FAQ.
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