Propose a Challenge to Explore at Summit 2019


Summit offers the opportunity for diverse leaders in STEM teaching to come together and swap strategies for making progress against our shared goals.


This year, we’re looking for 8-10 partners to help determine the challenges we’ll explore at Summit! Here’s how it works:


Using this form, tell us about a specific challenge you’re grappling with in your work. This challenge should be:

·      Something you’re stuck on, or want to better understand -- you’re seeking a solution or response from trusted peers across the network


By submitting a challenge, you’ll shape the conversation at Summit and model the kind of vulnerability we hope to see from all partners as we work together toward our shared goal.


Deadline to submit: Friday, November 9, 2018


After the deadline, we’ll notify you if your challenge was selected and let you know about next steps.


This isn’t only the only opportunity to step-up to share at Summit, so stay tuned for more calls to action when we open registration in late November!

Try framing your challenge as a question! Some examples:

- How might we strengthen STEM mentor teacher systems in our state? What strategies or approaches have others used?
- How might we better prepare our pre-service teachers to teach in high-needs urban schools? What strategies have others used in their prep programs?
- What staffing and scheduling practices can we use in our district encourage teacher creativity and collaboration?

NOTE: Submitting a challenge through this form does not register you to attend Summit -- you will still need to complete a registration form. Registration opens in late November!