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Repair the World is excited to invite you to participate in its Act Now Houston programming. Through participating in this work, you will help rebuild Houston from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, which persist to this day. Act Now Houston will get your group's hands dirty with the challenging but rewarding work of disaster-relief repair and reconstruction. By filling out this form, we'll collect vital information we need to be in touch with you, and help you plan your trip to visit Houston.

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Volunteering and Travel Logistics
 Act Now Houston volunteers will be asked to assist in physical rebuilding activities like: painting, sanitation, cleaning, and various types of installations, such as dry wall. All training and supplies will be provided by Act Now Houston.

Act Now Houston's physically taxing work is best suited for individuals over the age of 15. However, we will work to accommodate a group of any age. Please check the box below if any members of your group will be 15 or under.

Act Now Houston will work with your staff to coordinate the days of service and activities, contextual education program, and help connect you with the local community.  Groups are responsible for booking their travel, food and logistical arrangements, but we are happy to help with recommendations. If your group is looking for local recommendations, please check all that apply.

Microgrant Requests

Act Now Houston is a volunteer mobilization effort set up to help the Jewish community meaningfully serve those devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  A limited amount of funds available to help lower the cost for groups.  We have two primary goals for the distribution of these funds: 

  1. Support groups that are making significant commitments to serve in Houston (e.g. 10-15 participants, 2+ days of service, geographic diversity). 
  2. Encourage diverse participation in Act Now Houston by supporting Jews of all backgrounds (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender, economic, geographic). 

Wrapping Up

If you have any questions, please write to Felecia Chatman at Thank you so much for your interest.