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The ACCO Treatment Kit is a combination of resources to assist children newly diagnosed with cancer and children undergoing treatment for cancer and their families. The kit includes: a large collapsible duffle bag, a 5.5' X 4' Fleece blanket, a pillow case featuring ACCO's mascot Cozy, and a pack of PJammin Playing Cards

The ACCO’s Medical Play Kit is a free resource designed to familiarize children battling cancer with many of the medical instruments they will encounter during their hospital stays. We hope to empower children by helping them become more comfortable in a hospital environment and giving them the opportunity to play the role of doctor/caregiver rather than be forced into the role of patient. Please note that Cozy the Port-a-Cat is requested separately.

Did you know that ACCO has a digital library? Check it out here.

A parental resource that provides a way to document medical treatments, hospital contact information, treatment expenditures, and local resources. This logbook also contains information about clinical trials, treatment procedures, blood counts, side effects, a journal section, and a place to take notes.

This 25 minute animated cartoon is for children diagnosed with cancer, their family, school, and friends. The child with cancer is seen as a hero who battles the evil cancer-dragon with the help of medications and family support. The story can be personalized to the child’s individual cancer type and treatment. Created, directed and animated by Albert 't Hooft and Paco Vink of Anikey Studios and produced by il Luster Films Foundation, ACCO is the sole U.S. distributor of this important visual resource. One free copy per child diagnosed with cancer ages 2-12. Additional copies available for purchase through ACCO’s web store.

A Teen journal that allows adolescents a place to write out their thoughts and feelings throughout their cancer journey. Includes a wooden pen and pencil set.

This 122 page full color journal features ACCO’s mascot, COZY the Port-a-Cat. It encourages children with cancer to express their feelings by writing and drawing. Text prompts assist children with identifying people in their lives who they can talk to about their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Written to empower children to find their inner strength, this journal will also be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Cozy the Port-a-Cat is not your everyday stuffed animal. He is a companion that children with cancer can relate to, and he is a teaching tool for parents and healthcare professionals. Children are able to learn about cancer treatments by identifying and practicing them on Cozy, who has endured many cancer related treatments as seen by the patches on his fur. Cozy also proudly displays the gold ribbon symbol over his heart and ACCO’s logo on his foot. Children will want to take Cozy with them everywhere.

A 31 page book for preschoolers diagnosed with cancer (ages 1 to 5 years). Through real-life photos, preschool children are able to identify with Marleigh’s treatments and hospital stays. The last page of the book includes a mirror so that children can see themselves and reflect upon the thought that Marvelous Marleigh is “just like them.”

40 page illustrated book targeted for the 3 to 8 year old sibling of children diagnosed with cancer. Illustrated by Mike Dodd and written through the eyes of his six-year-old son Oliver, this resource focuses on the many questions that siblings have when their brother or sister is diagnosed with cancer, and offers constructive ways on how they can provide support.

Oliver's Story (above) for Spanish-speaking siblings.

200 page resource that provides practical advice for children diagnosed with cancer between 6 and 12 years of age. Warm and funny illustrations and easy-to-read text help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer and it’s treatment.

An essential resource for families who have faced the childhood cancer diagnosis. Written by top researchers in the field, and balanced with parent's personal experiences, this 322 page resource covers learning issues from infancy through adulthood. A good education provides hope for the future.

This is an inspiring 25 page book filled with wonderful pictures to color, word activities to complete and words of encouragement for kids with cancer.

Is a concise reference guide which explains what clinical trials are, which defines a clinical trials process and structure.

A comprehensive resource that guides the family whose child has been diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma through this difficult diagnosis. Chapters are written by pediatric neuro-oncology experts and cover all aspects of treating a child with a DIPG. The book includes 164 parent stories that provide personal insight to the DIPG journey.
More Free Resources from ACCO Partners
Helping to Heal

uring a time when parents are unable to control all of the chemicals and radiation placed in their bodies, providing a safe home is something they are still able to do. With topics such as healthy food choices and homemade alternatives to chemical cleaning supplies, this resource provides advice for safe, affordable household practices. As a result of a generous donation from the Helping to Heal Foundation, we are able to offer this book free of charge for families.

Headbands of Hope 

Headbands of Hope graciously donated headbands to our community. 

In return, Headbands of Hope asks that we provide them a picture of your child wearing their new headband! Pictures should be sent to  

Emotional Communication Kit donated by La Roche-Posay
To help facilitate communication between children undergoing treatment and their loved ones, ACCO teamed up with La Roche-Posay to create kits with tools designed to help kids express feelings in a language that is understandable. Children can use emojis to let their caregivers know how they’re feeling emotionally throughout their treatment. Included in the kit is a dry erase board with a marker & eraser, emoji stickers, a 'Today I Feel…' card and a 'How Do I Feel Today' booklet.  

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