Urban Youth Impact: Christmas Store 2018 Volunteer Application

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The 17th Annual Urban Youth Impact Christmas Store will be held at Urban Youth Impact on Saturday, December 15th, 2018 from  7:00 am - 2:00 pm. 

Please complete the application below to volunteer at this year's Urban Youth Impact Christmas Store.
 Thank you for partnering with us this holiday season! 

Happy Holidays!
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Volunteer Assignment 

Volunteer Job Descriptions


          Christmas Village/ Kid Zone Team - Do you like kids, ages 5-17? How about running and playing carnival games? Making Christmas Cookies? Dancing? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are PRE-QUALIFIED to have a blast as a member of our Christmas Village / Kid Zone Team! **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area**

          Event Hospitality Team – This team keeps the events' wheels on and the motor running by helping to restock water, relocate logistical items, dispose of trash, and maintain a safe and presentable event. This team is instrumental in bringing JOY to everyone!  If you like to see others having fun this team is for you!

          Gift Hauling Team – All these gifts ain't getting home on their own! Use carts and other means of transportation to help families take their newly acquired Christmas presents to their vehicles. Ever Dreamed of being an elf? Now's your chance! **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area** 

          Gift Wrap Team- Do you have a knack for making stuff look goooood? Then put your beautification skills to use on our Gift Wrap Team and help wrap presents! **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area** 

          Grocery Distribution Team - Assist in giving bags of groceries to families as they leave the event. Everyone loves a little something for the road! **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area** 

          Shopper Assistant Team - It's kind of like being a "personal shopper," but way cooler. Help our families navigate the maze of toys and select the best gifts for their loved ones. Members on this team may be required to lift moderately heavy items and should be prepared to be on their feet for extended periods of time. Must be 21y/o and over. **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area** 

      Store Restocking Team- Keep the toys a-comin'! Join our restocking team to ensure there are plenty of toys in the Christmas Store while families select the best gifts for their loved ones. 

          Lunch Team -  Help our awesome BBQ Team serve the mounds of food they just grilled up! This team also helps to replenish condiments, napkins, swap out garbage bags, and helps clean up in between groups. 

         Event Clean Up Team - Everyone likes to have fun, but do you like to hustle, go the extra mile AND have fun? Then this is your team! Many hands make light work, so give us yours so we can get all our equipment packed up and squared away! It's kind of like an after party...


      Kid Zone Check In Team - Help our kids be safe and have fun by helping parents sign their children in and out of our Kid Zone area. **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area**

      Parking Team - Smile, wave, point, and keep things organized! Help us keep our parking situation as safe, organized and mellow as possible. 

      Parent Check-In Attendant - Use your customer service skills to be a friendly face relaying general event information and updates from our Parent Check-In Team to the families waiting to enter the event site. **Bilingual volunteers needed in this area**

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Volunteer Agreement
I understand that misconduct will result in an immediate dismissal from the event. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing, and the facts alleged are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I permit Urban Youth Impact and any designates to photograph me, interview me, and/or make audio/video recordings of me. Urban Youth Impact may publish and disseminate the images for training, promotion, fundraising and other purposes via print, and/or  electronic distribution via CD or web. I will not receive payment or any other compensation in connection with these images. I release Urban Youth Impact and its personnel from any and all liability which may or could arise from the taking, recording, publication, distribution or other use of these images.

By participating as a volunteer I understand that I am making a commitment of service. My primary goal is to love, equip and empower the inner-youth and their parents for their God-given purpose. I will always put the children and parents before myself. I will not intentionally do something that will jeopardize the safety of the children, staff or self.

I will not hold Urban Youth Impact or UYI's partners responsible for any injury or illness that I incur from volunteering at Urban Youth Impact.