Spirit of Bermuda: Overseas Voyages 2019

Please complete this application honestly and IN FULL.

Note: ALL information submitted is held confidentially by Bermuda Sloop Foundation and will be used solely for the purposes of voyage preparation and follow-up as well as general compilation of statistical data. 

(1) There are FOUR pages of registration. At the end is a specific questionnaire for youth/apprentices or students age 16-25.  If you are not in this category, merely skip this section & submit.

(2) An interview must be arranged with the office and the ship (we will contact you) for acceptance of your application unless you have already been cleared by the captain.

(3) A Waiver & Agreement Form will be emailed to you, which must be signed and returned (scan & email is ok)  For those under 18 years, a parent/guardian must sign the waiver.

(4) The following information/documents (as applicable) must be submitted to complete this registration:

a. COLOUR copies (scan and email or bring to the office) of your valid passport (with page indicating owner is a registered Bermudian), ESTA, and/or  VISA(s).

b. Scanned copy of your insurance card/documentation.

c. Any other appropriate travel itineraries & documents.

(5) MEDICAL:  You will be asked to get a medical clearance from your physician; the form will be sent to you and must be returned, dated and signed by your physician.   

(6) If a bursary is required, please complete the Bursary application at https://www.tfaforms.com/4664883 ONLY AFTER registration is complete.  

Please, select voyage below (if doing the entire voyage register for ALL legs by clicking "add another response").

NOTE: Apprentice Watch leaders must sign on for both legs.

If needed, you may stop and save form then resume later (instructions will appear).


(1) This form consists of 4 pages.

(2) The last page is a Waiver Form which must be signed and returned to us.

(3) You will be asked to CONFIRM information then SUBMIT the form.

                        VOYAGE DATES: JUNE 3th - 20th 2018                                                     PLEASE TICK ALL LEGS  YOU ARE REGISTERING TO BE  ABOARD 



(We will email your emergency contact person unless you tell us otherwise.)


Please answer all of below questions honestly and in full detail:

 * Please update us if any of this information changes after submitting this form.



Please provide information on the passport you will travel on for this voyage.

We must have a colour copy of your passport on file:
VISA INFORMATION (Including work permits, if applicable)

Please note that the US Visa Waiver Programme DOES NOT APPLY to arrival by sea, therefore you may be required to have a US Visa for entry into the USA.

We must have a colour copy of your visa(s) on file:
You will be responsible for arranging and paying for your travel to/from the ship.  Please give us an idea of when to expect your arrival and departure.

We must have a copy of your travel itinerary on file: