Nonprofit Law - DATA ENTRY FORM

View the training via WEBCAST (taped April 8, 2015) on your device at a place and time convenient to you. You will be emailed access instructions within 1 business day.

This training is designed to introduce attorneys with little or no experience to the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax exemption. The training includes materials and instruction on conducting an initial meeting with pro bono clients, reading and revising bylaws, advising about conflicts of interest, drafting articles of incorporation, reviewing the Form 1023 application for recognition of tax-exemption, ongoing compliance and case closure. Participating attorneys must agree to accept 1 pro bono nonprofit case from Community Law Center (CLC) within 1 year of registering.

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Please enter all states where you are licensed to practice (including Maryland) and the year and bar number.  Attorneys not barred in MD must become specially authorized to practice pro bono in MD (contact Annie Speedie at for more information).

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