Doctorate Grants 2019

Max Planck Institute – Bunge y Born Foundation – Williams Foundation
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Please, follow this format: (Area) 151234-5678

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Name, Position, Department and Instituion, City, Country, email adress, telephone number of the reference.  Please, remember that this colleague should be familiar with your work and should be from outside your institution.

Name, Position, Department and Instituion, City, Country, email adress, telephone number of the reference

The thesis director must explain and justify the reasons why the candidate would benefite from spending a period of time in Germany, to carry out their research. It must contain the signature of the supervisor.

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Excellent, good or fair

Files with more than 6 pages will not be accepted
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Maximum lenght: 100 words

Maximum lenght: 100 words

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Terms of the grant

The applicant for a doctoral research fellowship of Max Planck Institute - Bunge & Born Foundation (FBB) – Williams Foundation 2019, offered by FBB, states he/she has been informed that, as regards the personal data collected in this form, the applicant (a) may exercise the right to access this data freely for no less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is proven in this regard pursuant to the provisions of Law 25,326, article 14, paragraph 3; and (ii)  may exercise the rights to rectify and suppress data (law 25,326, article 6, para. “e”). Likewise, it is hereby stated that the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection, which is the Oversight Agency under Law 25,326, has the powers to receive reports and claims filed with regard to non-fulfillment of the rules on personal data protection. The Applicant states he/she has been appropriately informed –under the provisions and within the scope of Law 25,326, Article 6- that the data obtained in this form, the purpose of which is to select candidates for the fellowship, will be kept in a database which is duly registered with the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection, on behalf of Bunge & Born Foundation (No. 515, 25 de Mayo street, 6th floor, CABA). The Applicant agrees to have his/her data shared by Bunge & Born Foundation  with other companies within the group (affiliates, subsidiaries, controlling enterprises) for the foreseen purposes, even with businesses having their domicile abroad, including those in countries that in the opinion of the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection, or that according to the provisions of the above law, do not ensure appropriate levels of protection.  Finally, the Applicant is aware of and accepts that refusal to provide his/her data will entail the impossibility of obtaining a fellowship.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is accurate and complete. I understand that final approval of my application is dependent upon my eligibility for a visa to reside in Germany. I agree to return to my home country upon expiry of my authorized stay in Germany