Discourse Analysis Workshop 2021 Application Form

Workshop Admissions Requirements
Please answer the following questions to determine if you meet the requirements to attend the Discourse Analysis Workshop.

If the answer to any of the above is NO, please DO NOT PROCEED. You do not meet eligibility requirements for the Discourse Workshop. 
No decision has been made yet about the delivery format of the Summer 2021 Discourse Analysis Workshop (i.e., online vs. face-to-face). For up to date information, check the Latest CanIL COVID-19 Response Information page. In the meantime, we encourage you to complete the workshop application if you are interested in participating in the workshop in some capacity, and we will continue to work with you through the process and communicate with you as soon as we know the details of workshop delivery for Summer 2021.
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Language Information
Workshop in Discourse Analysis
Led by Dr. Steve Nicolle
Time: 6 - 9 weeks (June to August 2021)
Cost: $400 (not including room and board and other fees)

Payment for the Discourse Analysis Workshop ($400) is due by April 30, 2021 and is done by PayPal. The link will be sent to you upon acceptance to the Discourse Analysis Workshop.

Feel free to correspond with Dr. Nicolle by email (steve.nicolle@canil.ca) with any questions you have about the workshop. Please come prepared with interlinearized language data.
Workshop Activities and Courses
A key Workshop activity will include sitting in on the LING 4/691 Discourse Analysis class. You will not submit homework assignments, receive any grades nor receive any academic credit for participating in this workshop activity.  
If, however, you wish to take the LING 4/691 Discourse Analysis course, or any other CanIL course, for full academic credit, you will need to apply at www.canil.ca/apply in addition to this Workshop application.

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On-campus housing is available during the summer session. Single students will be staying in the dorms with a roommate. Married students and students with families will be staying in apartment-style housing with a separate bathroom, living room, and small kitchen.

If you are staying for the entire summer session, you will receive the regular rate. If you are staying for only a portion of the summer session, your rate will be pro-rated, by the week.

Please note that there is no meal plan included in on-campus housing. Students and Workshop Participants are free to plan their own meals, buy their own groceries or visit the cafeteria. Students and Workshop Participants often form cooking groups to share in the cost and preparation responsibilities. Shared kitchen facilities will be supplied with dishes and appliances.

The 2021 housing rates have not yet been set. However the following were the rates in 2018. Please take into consideration the increasing costs of accommodation in this area when planning.
Single students: Shared Dorm Room: $1250
Married Students: One Bedroom Apartment: $3100
Married Students with Children: Two Bedroom Apartment: $4400


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It is required that you have sufficient health insurance to cover you during this Workshop and your time at CanIL.

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Photo Directory
CanIL has an internal Photo Directory that faculty and staff use in order to get to know all our students and workshop participants. 

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Further Information

Thank you for your interest in the Discourse Analysis Workshop and for submitting this application. We will be in touch with you shortly.