2019 Leading the Way Grand Canyon Application

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Application Checklist
Thanks for applying to the No Barriers Leading the Way program! Please read the information below carefully before starting your application:

The EARLY APPLICATION DEADLINE is December 15th 2018

Eligibility & Criteria:
-For Students who are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Sighted
-Must be 15-19 at the time of the expedition
-This expedition involves hiking. It is important that you feel physically capable before applying

We anticipate the application taking about 1 hour. You can save your progress and resume later, but please make sure that you hit SUBMIT when you are done to ensure that we receive your completed application. You will receive a confirmation message upon submitting your completed application. 

In order for your application to be complete, you MUST complete both steps by the deadline:
1) Online Application (you're doing that now!)
2) TWO educator referrals. You can find the referral HERE and email the link to your educators. 

All applications must be submitted online unless you require a print format, large print or braille copy. Please contact Rachel Strommen at No Barriers to request one (rachel.strommen@nobarriersusa.org or 970-484-3633 ext. 314)
Let's Get Started!

PLEASE NOTE: We do most of our communication via email. Be sure to provide an email address that you check regularly!
Birth Date*

If your school does not use the GPA system, please indicate how you are evaluated.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Minors under the age of 18 must provide No Barriers with contact information for legal guardian(s).

Please list the name of a parent or legal guardian. We use this information in case we need to get in touch with your family.

1st Legal Guardian Address

Health History
Disclosure of a condition does NOT affect your eligibility for Leading the Way. It simply enables us to safely accommodate any needs you may have. Upon acceptance, No Barriers Youth requires a comprehensive health history report signed by a certified health practitioner demonstrating the student's ability to participate.

This information will help us create the best possible educational experience for all participants.

Check all that apply.

If you have NOT experienced any of these in the past 10 years, please check "None."

Please leave this field as "None" if you do not have any restrictions.
Previous Experience
Prior camping and hiking experience is NOT required for acceptance to the Leading the Way program.

Short Essays
Getting to Know You
Please write a short personal bio (100-300 words). Tell us about yourself -- what hobbies you enjoy, your future career interests, and what makes you unique. What is your story?

You & Leading the Way
Please write a short essay (100-300 words) explaining why you want to join the Leading the Way program. Be sure to include answers to the following:
  • What do you hope to learn from the LTW program?
  • How do you think you will use your experiences with the LTW program once you return?
  • What skills, talents, and/or characteristics do you think would make you a good member of this team?
  • What does being a good leader mean to you and how have you demonstrated this in the past?
  • What does inclusion mean to you?

You & The No Barriers Mindset
Leading the Way is about thinking how you can live a No Barriers Life. Briefly describe a time in your life when you encountered a barrier and what you did to overcome it. What did you learn from this experience? (100-300 words).

You & The National Park Service (NPS)
Leading the Way: Sound Academy will focus on studying natural sounds (http://www.nature.nps.gov/sound/index.cfm) as a natural resource and learning about what the National Park Service is doing to protect them in Grand Canyon. Please describe your interest in learning about natural sounds, the National Park Service, and Grand Canyon National Park. (100-300 words)

Personal Commitment Checklist