2019 Essay Submission


Compose a two-part reflection addressing the following questions:

Part 1: Why CrossRoad? (500 words)

1) What led you to apply to CrossRoad and what do you hope to learn?

2) What kind of a role does your Orthodox faith play in your life?

3) What are aspects of our Orthodox Faith that especially interest you, confuse or trouble you, and/or you have questions about?

Part 2: Who are you? (250 words)

1) If we were to call your best friend right now, how would they describe you?

2) If you could have a theme song for your life, what would it be and why? (List title of song & artist)

3) What brings you joy or makes you feel most alive?

Strong responses will have a clear structure, will help explain why certain things interest you, and will demonstrate your ability to seriously think about matters of faith and how they relate to life. Make sure to be creative and dig deep! Don't be afraid to share your genuine questions and interests regarding the faith. Try to avoid lists and information-based descriptions. Give us a sense of who you are more than what you do!