Take Action for a Brilliant, #RESILIENTDC

Climate change is projected to cause heavier rain events and hotter, longer summers in Washington, DC. As our city implements the forward-thinking Sustainable DC and Climate Ready DC plans, Mayor Bowser and her staff are asking residents for actions the District can take right now to increase resilience to shocks and stresses.  

Many studies have shown that trees are an essential tool in the fight against climate change, especially when it comes to ensuring that cities like DC survive, adapt, and grow in the face of climate-related challenges.


The Office of the City Administrator and Neighborland have launched an online platform to identify, prioritize, and refine ideas for building resilience. Simply paste the statement below – or your own brilliant idea! – under “Share Your Idea” at https://neighborland.com/resilientdc/climate-change.

I think… 

a healthy, diverse, and well-protected urban forest 

…will make DC more resilient to climate change.