NEADS  NEADS Volunteer Application 

Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed by a staff member. When a volunteer opportunity becomes available in the area you selected you will be contacted.
NEADS offers many different areas in which to volunteer. In order to make your experience a rewarding one, please indicate your first, second and third area(s) of interest
Dogs and Kennel (NEADS Campus, Princeton, MA)
This may include walking dogs, feeding dogs, grooming dogs, socializing dogs, kennel cleanup, sanitizing, and food preparation.
Education (Local, Regional, National)
This includes help with projects, programs and events, being a NEADS spokesperson in schools, workshops, booths, or expos; booth set-up and coverage at events, greeting people, providing information. 
Computer Support (NEADS Campus, Princeton, MA)
This may include data entry, database updating and management, IT assistance.
Facilities and Grounds Maintenance (NEADS Campus, Princeton, MA)
This may include indoor housekeeping, or outdoor raking, landscaping, cleaning vehicles, etc.
Administrative Support (NEADS Campus, Princeton, MA)
This may include help with mailings, stuffing envelopes, folding brochures, assisting at reception, answering phones, etc.
Creative (National)
This may include graphic design (brochures, posters for special events, advertising, etc.) photography, video recording and editing, writing, and assistance with social media.
Please indicate when you are available to volunteer.
If you have an occupation, please fill in the details below.
If you are a student, please fill in the details below.
Please provide two personal references that we may contact.
Second Reference Contact Details
In case of emergency, please list the name of a relative we can call if we could not reach you.
You will be asked to sign a waiver upon your arrival at NEADS. Parental signature is required for volunteers 16-18 years old.