Join the MSI Network!

A national peer support network of and for women of the military 

MSI Network

Thank you for your interest in joining the Military Sisterhood Initiative! 

Before joining the Military Sisterhood Initiative network, we ask that you fill in the following information, which will be used solely for the purpose of granting you access to the network and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Military Sisterhood Pledge

1. I pledge to do my best to make time for my military sister.
2. I pledge to not let distance stand in the way of communicating with my military sister.
3. I pledge to lift-up and encourage my military sister because my encouragement may be the only positive thing she hears all day.
4. I pledge to be the best military sister I can be.
5. I pledge to stand up for my military sister when she cannot stand up for herself.
6. I pledge to speak kindly of my military sisters.
7. I pledge to never let my military sister think that she is walking this journey of life alone.
8. I pledge to reach out to my military sister when I feel alone and need someone to talk to because just like I have her back, my military sister will also have mine.
9. I pledge to always keep my conversations with my military sister confidential unless the content will lead to imminent harm to her or others.
10. With this pledge, I know I am a warrior in the fight against depression and suicide.
11. I sign this pledge knowing that to care for my sisters I need to care for myself.
12. I also sign this pledge knowing it applies to every military sister I encounter. I believe each one can reach one.