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The Yashar Initiative, generously funded by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, seeks to improve accessibility and inclusion for campers and staff with disabilities at Jewish day and overnight camps. This initiative strives to advance the field through funding capital projects, staff training, research and evaluation. Like the root of the word Yashar, this initiative will build inclusive camps with integrity. It is our aspiration that the field of Jewish camp mirrors our Jewish community, and it is our mandate to level the field, making it accessible to all.

The purpose of Yashar is to help participating camps to strategically upgrade facilities in order to expand capacity for campers and staff with disabilities. FJC invites you and your camp to apply; please make sure the project meets all the program specifications.

For the purposes of Yashar and this grant application, disabilities include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and physical and sensory disabilities. Examples include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's syndrome, blindness, down syndrome, hearing impairments, seizures, and other physical disabilities. Include campers with ADHD only if they require extra staff support or accommodations to be successful at camp. Do not include campers who function independently, or campers whose challenges are limited to daily/weekly medications. Do not include food allergies or special diets as disabilities.


Program Criteria:

  • Capital projects funded through this initiative will support individuals with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and physical and sensory disabilities.
  • Camps must be nonprofit, have ACA accreditation, operate in the United States, been in operation for at least three years, and serve a minimum of 200 campers per summer.
  • Camps must be able to provide the two most recent years of 990 and audited financial statements by a third party.  
  • Capital grants through this initiative may range from $25,000 to $300,000.  However, the initiative will fund no more than 30% of a capital project (meaning total minimum project cost must is $83.3K). Camps must have 25% of the project budget raised or committed by the time of application to be considered for the grant.
  • Camps must be welcoming and accommodating of all children regardless of affiliation, denomination, religious background, race or economic status. 
  • Camps must currently serve or commit to achieving a target inclusion rate of 5-10% within three years of the initial grant payment (i.e., at least 5% of the camper population will be campers with disabilities).
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Visit for full criteria, grant eligibility and program participation details. To see a PDF version of the full application, please click here. Please note all the documents you will need to upload during the application process.

If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Kahn, Director, Field Expansion, at 646-278-4545 or

Please Note: Each question in the application is required for submission and consideration of the grant. If you do not have data for specific questions, please write 0 or N/A.  

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Camp Information

Executive Director/Camp Director:

Board President/Chair of Camp Committee:

Form completed by:

 Project Information and Grant Request

Please include dollar amounts below as a number. Do not include a dollar sign.

              (Please remember it can be no more than 30% of the total capital project cost,  no less than $25,000 and no more than $300,000)


Grant Value

Project Value






$1,000,000 +

Construction Timeline

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Camp's Disabilities Program Information


Page 4

Camper and Staff Enrollment Information

Please complete the chart below.

Note: This data should be accessible through you camp’s Census submissions in 2016, 2017 & 2018. If your camp cannot find your copy of those submissions, please email for a copy of your submission from any or all of those years.

Definition of Terms:

Unique Capacity = the number of physical beds/spaces for campers in camp at any given time (do not multiply by number of sessions. This number is how many campers your camp can serve at the same time). For example: 330 camper beds/spaces


# of Total Campers = the total number of beds/spaces filled per session (business/budget #)

For example: (250 campers in session 1) + (325 campers in session 2) = 575 total campers


# of Unique Campers = the number of individual (non-repeat) campers served over the course of the summer. Please include CITs if they are paying customers.  For overnight camps: include “Taste Of” campers if they spend 5 or more nights in camp.

For example: 100 campers stay for the entire summer + 150 session 1 only campers + 225 session 2 only campers = 475 unique campers


% of Campers with Disabilities = the number of unique campers with disabilities divided by the number of unique campers.

For Example: 30 unique campers with disabilities/475 unique campers X 100 = 6.3%


# of Unique Staff Members = the total number of people employed by your camp, including year-round professionals, bunk counselors, specialists, administrative staff, infirmary and mental health support, supervisory staff. Include CITs if they are paid staff members. Please exclude kitchen staff, retreat staff and maintenance, unless comprised of former campers and/or they serve (or have the potential to serve) as a vocational ed. opportunity.



Unique Capacity

# of Total Campers

# of Unique Campers

# of Unique Campers with Disabilities

% of Campers with Disabilities

# of Unique Job Training Participants

(Voc. Ed)

# of Unique Staff Members

# of Unique Staff Members with Disabilities










 Unique   Capacity  Total   Campers  Unique   Campers  Unique   Cmprs w/   Disib.  % of  Cmprs w/   Disib.  Unique   Job  Train.   (Voc.Ed)   Unique   Staff   Unique   staff   w/   Disib.
Post Project Projection:

Page 5

Sources of Funding

FJC funding will be released in two phases. 60% will be released upon completion of the signed grant agreement and 40% after submission of a Project Completion Report (which camps can submit upon completion of the majority of the project).


As this grant only covers 30% of the capital project cost, FJC needs to understand how funds will be secured to pay for the remaining 70%.


How do you intend to fund the other 70% of the project?  What are the anticipated sources of all funds, (e.g., individual donors, special fundraising campaign, board gifts, operating budget, etc.). You must have 25% of funds already allocated or committed to this project. 

Please complete the chart below and click on "Add another response" for each additional funder or source of funding:

Include dollar amounts in the appropriate cells below as a number. Do not include a dollar sign.

Name of Funder  Date of  Pledge  Payout  Period    (# of years)  Pledge  Amount  Payments   Received to   Date  Balance  Owed

Page 6

Camp's Jewish Commitment

Eligibility Criteria

Please complete the “Details’ section of the chart with program specifics (limit each description to 3-5 sentences): 

Shabbat Program: Please describe how your camp marks Shabbat.
Jewish Rituals: How does your camp integrate Jewish values and/or practice into your summer program? 
Camp Counselors: How do you prepare your staff to model Jewish values? What percent of your bunk counselors are Jewish?
Jewish Learning for Staff: Please describe the Jewish learning opportunities your camp provides for staff over the summer.
Israel Programming at Camp: Please describe how your camp community celebrates a connection to Israel during the summer
Other: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your Jewish programming?

Page 7

Camp's Training and Culture

Required Attachments

File Upload:

Most recent audit or accountant's review and most recent financials (2 years of documents):

Be sure to name your document with this specific label format: "Your Camp Name - Audited Financial 1" and "Your Camp Name - Audited Financial 2"

We affirm that, to the best of our knowledge, the information provided in this application and the attached documents is accurate.

Full name


Full name



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Once you have completed all the required information, you will need to click on Submit Signed Response.

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