2019 ASA Captain Agreement

Athletes Serving Athletes 2019 Captain Agreement
We are excited to have you racing as a Captain with ASA in 2019.  Please read the following information regarding your participation as a Captain in the 2019 racing year. The bottom portion of this form has a space for you to update your personal information with ASA.  Don't hesitate to email or call me with any questions - lisa@asa.run.  410-258-9046 Thank you. 

The Wish List will be split into 3 parts this year.  We are separating our racing season into 3 Wish Lists this year in an effort to be more efficient, to have up to date race dates, and to prevent race drops later in the season. WL1 will be sent to all "active" ASA Captains in January 2019. To remain an active ASA Captain you will need to attend one of seven Captain Meeting, (if you are joining after January you may schedule a call with Lisa instead, lisa@asa.run) complete the 2019 Captain Agreement, and complete your 2019 Fundraising Link prior to receiving the 2019 Wish List.  The Wish List is the only way to sign up for a race.  If you join us as an ASA Captain after January, I will add you to whatever race/races that I can that may need help. Please let me know which races you might be interested in.

After each Wish List, you will be sent confirmation of the races that you have been assigned to. One month prior to each race for which you are assigned, the Community Coordinator in charge of that race will send you a confirmation email.  You must respond to this email within one week with a "yes, I am still planning to participate".  If you do not, we will assume this means you cannot participate in that race anymore and we will then offer your spot to another Captain.

Training is a critical component of the ASA community building experience.  Reminder - You must sign up on your area's training sign up genius platform.  Sign up for training will close 24 hours beforehand so that the Community Coordinators have enough time to prepare teams for training.  Please remember to arrive 30 minutes before training to allow for a prompt start time.  If you have to cancel a training, please text the onsite training manager listed on the sign up genius for that date.  If you arrive late, your team will have already have left with other teams and you will be unable to train that day.  You may train in any area that you like and it doesn't need to be consistent, just remember to use the appropriate signup genius.

As we enter our twelfth year and our 2019 racing season I want to thank you all for empowering our Athletes to reach beyond what they might have thought possible.  Without you and the communities that you have helped build we would not be able to fulfill our mission of changing lives and challenging perceptions of what it is to live with disabilities.
As we continue to grow, and in an effort to serve more Athletes, we have been evaluating the role of our Captains.  In an effort to support our growing communities we are asking you to commit to attending one training session a month during our nine month racing season.  You will NOT be required to serve as an Onsite Training Manager, Onsite Race Day Manager, or Equipment Transporter.  However, you are more than welcome to volunteer to serve in any one of those roles, we still need that help. 

Athletes must remain in their joggers throughout the entire race.  Athletes may not get out of their joggers to walk across the finish line or at any other time on the race course.  Please also remember that we are a guest of the race and that we do not want to disturb other runners who have their own goals.  Please be polite and patient on the race course

We will be notifying all Athletes and their caregivers that they must transfer their Athletes into and out of our Advanced Mobility Joggers.  Captains can assist by :
1.  Holding the joggers steady 
2.  Physically assisting but only alongside the parent/caregiver who is helping and directing.
3.  Please do not transfer any Athlete without the direction of the parent/caregiver

NEW - ATHLETE READY TO RACE POLICY - All Athletes must be Ready to Race before getting into their jogger.  This is the parent/caregiver responsibility NOT the Captain.  This includes: taken to the bathroom at a spot a pot on race premises or clean diaper (we will not be toileting on the race course) & proper nutrition and hydration has been completed (no hydration or nutrition will be offered on the race course unless specifically instructed and provided by a caregiver to the Captain).   

Our equipment is delicate and should only be built by Captains.  Please do not ask WingMen or parents to help.

This year our ASA Board completed a three year Strategic Plan.  Below are some recommendations that we have agreed to follow in an effort to continue to provide a safe, consistent, authentic, and sustainable experience to all of our participants.  We will no longer be participating in any multisport events, we will not be offering one off destination races or camp, and we will not be lending equipment.

Pace continues to be our number one hurdle.  Please note that our mission is about being together on the training/race course and about creating a sense of community.  Running is how we do this, not why we do this, and the focus should never be about how fast or slow the team moves.  You should assume that your team will be slower than your normal pace and you should never be running any faster than your slowest Wingman.  Wingmen will not tell you if the pace is too fast.  You must make sure that your pace is conversational and that you pay attention to the appearance of your Wingmen.  Regularly ask them how the pace is, and when in doubt slow down!!  Please remember, Captains should not be pushing beyond getting the team out of the start and out of the way of the other participants, or if the Wingmen ask for help.  If your Wingmen are pushing they will be better able to find a pace that works for them.  Our Wingmen are paying (fundraising) $350 for the experience of running on your team, please make this an awesome experience for them!  And please feel free to always sign up on your own for any race that you would like to run at your pace, we'd like to make sure that you also meet your own personal racing goals.

Your pre-race and post-race communication with your assigned Athlete and Wingman Team is vital to the positive experience that your Wingman Team will have on race day, it is also a requirement prior to any race that you are assigned to as a Captain.  Please make sure that you contact your Athlete and your Wingman Team as soon as possible upon receipt of the Race Document to introduce yourself, share contact information, and answer any pre-race questions, and most importantly, to remind your team that our mission is building community and working together, not about pace.  Please also make sure to introduce yourself and your team to your Athlete and parent/caregiver before racing.

In the 2019 Athlete Agreement we asked all Athletes to refrain from contacting you outside of ASA events or asking you to participate in events that are not hosted by ASA.  We understand that friendships develop outside of ASA and you are free to pursue these connections.  This is not intended to prevent any connections that you wish to pursue, just protect your time as a volunteer should you need the boundary assistance.  

ASA Captains, Wingmen, and Community Coordinators may not provide transportation for any ASA Athlete

Please complete the info below even if you think we already have it

2019 CAPTAIN FUNDRAISING LINK - Completing this Captain Fundraising Link is required before Wish List can be sent.  Please open the fundraising link in a new window and complete (click "Register as a WingMan", then select Captain once you enter the registration process.) before hitting the Submit button on this form below.   You will receive an email confirmation with your fundraising page information shortly after registering.  If you do not see this email please check your spam/junk and "unjunk" this email.