Submit a #FoodforChange Recipe

Thank you so much for participating in the Terra Madre Day: Food for Change meal! As we strive to engage our community in Terra Madre Day: Food for Change on December 10, we are hoping to collect recipes from you, our participants and ambassadors, to inspire them.

Please use this form to submit a meatless recipe using your Camellia beans. Please also include any info about how the foods you are using are climate-friendly (#FoodforChange) as well as any cultural significance or personal stories connected to your recipe. 

We will share these stories throughout our various marketing and social media channels. We would love to receive your recipes as soon as possible so that we can share them with the Slow Food community before December 10th and folks can try out your recipe as their own #FoodforChange meal that day! Thank you!

By clicking submit, you give Slow Food and its partners - Camellia Beans and Meatless Monday - permission to publish your recipe on print or digital platforms. We will always attribute you and tag you when possible. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us!