FvH 2019 application (deadline 27 of December)

Before you apply, make sure you have read and understood the criteria to apply for a Football v Homophobia grant. If you experience any problems with the form take a print screen of the error message and send it to support@farenet.org.

Including Country number e.g. +31612345678

Use full url incl. http:// or https://

Use full url incl. http:// or https://

Use full url incl. http:// or https://

Use full url incl. http:// or https://

This grant scheme is only available for groups in Europe. If your country is not listed it means that Fare is not be able to offer you a grant and you should not continue to fill out this form.

Activities must take place during the Football v Homophobia Month of Action in February 2019 or in close proximity to the month.

Estimated total number in all your activities.

Please select maximum of 3 activities. Use CTRL(Windows) or CMD (Mac) to select.

Be brief but specific. Describe what will you do, where, when, where, how, who are your partners in the project, who will participate, who can attend, etc. (50-250 words)

Who are your partners for the activity? How will they help or contribute? (15-150 words)

Name the media you will contact, the resources you will produce/distribute (leaftelts, posters, etc), where and how will you promote the activity (website, social media), etc. (25-150 words)

Who will be attending your event? Is a registration required? (10-50 words)

Please fill in an amount in €

Please fill in an amount in €

Describe how the money will be used. (10-100 words)

I confirm that I am authorised to make this application for a Football v Homophobia grant on behalf of my group/organisation. I have completed all fields to the best of my knowledge.

Fare network may use the information I have provided for future contact or communications, via post or email, on e-newsletters, campaigns, funding, offers or any other information.