Your Brain on Catastrophic Risk

Your Brain on Catastrophic Risk

with Dr. Moran Cerf,
Professor of Neuroscience and Business
hosted by Ernest J. Moniz, Co-Chair and CEO of NTI

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
5:00—6:30 pm

A reception will follow after the discussion

1776 Eye Street, NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC

Join Dr. Moran Cerf and NTI for a discussion on “Your Brain on Catastrophic Risk." Dr. Cerf will discuss how the brain processes risk, especially catastrophic risk, and take questions from the audience. 

Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business, spending time between the Kellogg School of Management, the MIT Media Lab, and the Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s Department of Neurosurgery. Additionally, he is science consultant for various Hollywood films and TV shows, and is the Sloan screenwriting professor at the American Film Institute.  Prior to his academic career, Dr. Cerf worked as a hacker for nearly a decade, breaking into leading financial and government organizations to test their security. This career has led him to investigate the brain using non-traditional methods and tools and techniques that benefit from heavy computational skills. He is a national story-telling champion, and his public talks at PopTech, DLD, Google Zeitgeist, TED, and others have received millions of views and a large following.
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