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Scholarship assistance is available for core and premium membership in the Welcoming Network*. Scholarships help organizations - both nonprofits and local governments - access member benefits such as training, technical assistance, and a peer network that helps advance their local civic, economic, and social inclusion efforts. No full scholarships will be given, as each organization is expected to contribute to the Network by paying some portion of member dues. Please request the lowest scholarship level that will allow you to access membership, so that more organizations can benefit from scholarships. Preference will be given to organizations that have not previously been selected for a scholarship, and to those in locations that are not already represented in the Network. Click here for more information on membership eligibility and options. Immigrant community-based organizations and nonprofits of color are encouraged to apply. The application deadline is October 30, 2020. Any questions can be sent to *For those organizations that would like to participate in the rust belt WE Network, this scholarship also applies to participation in WE Network.

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