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Application Checklist
Thank you for applying to the 2019 No Barriers Breaking Barriers Expedition! Please read the information below carefully before starting your application:

Essential Eligibility Criteria:
The following Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) is a list of requirements for participation in the No Barriers Breaking Barriers Expedition. These are not intended to be exclusionary, but a resource for participants to self-evaluate wether they are a good fit for this program. If you have concerns about your ability to meet certain criteria, please speak with No Barriers Youth staff to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made. If you have concerns about your ability to meet certain criteria, please speak with No Barriers Youth staff to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made. If you have questions about No Barriers Essential Eligibility Criteria, or if you have questions about the implementation of the EEC, please contact rachel.strommen@nobarriersusa.org or 970-484-3633 ext. 314. 

All participants on the No Barriers Breaking Barriers Expedition must be able to meet the following requirements without assistance from a personal caregiver:

  1. Be 15-19 years old at the time of the expedition

  2. Demonstrate leadership skills or potential for leadership skills, an interest in pursuing education outside of the classroom, and a strong desire to overcome barriers. No prior outdoor experience is required.

  3. Understand and follow instructions from leaders, throughout the expedition, including instructions on wilderness travel, risk management, personal care, hazard avoidance, and other topics, such as a direction to move, stand still, or other action required to avoid a serious threat.

  4. Independently perform necessary self-care, including maintaining adequate nutrition and hydration, dressing appropriately for environmental conditions, and maintaining personal hygiene.

  5. Notify the leaders, or other participants, of personal distress, injury, illness, or the need for assistance.

  6. Independently manage any known medical conditions for at least thirty days prior to the scheduled expedition, and through completion of the expedition. If taking prescription medications, be able to maintain proper dosage by self-medicating without assistance from instructors or others.

  7. Be able to walk over and negotiate through varied wilderness terrain, with a backpack.

  8. Attend to bathroom needs in a wilderness environment with no facilities.

  9. Participate and equally share responsibilities with the team.

  10. Refrain from any alcohol or drug use for the duration of the expedition.

  11. Support a physically, emotionally and mentally healthy learning environment for all. This is done in part by:

a. Coming with an open mind and willingness to try new things

b. Displaying tolerance, respect and compassion towards all

c. Accepting differences

d. Maintaining a positive attitude, even when challenged physically, mentally, or


e. Taking personal responsibility for your belongings and behavior

f. Effectively communicating ideas and concerns on an individual and group level

g. Possessing a willingness to put the needs of the group before those of the


h. Tolerate changes in diet, group living, potentially long days filled with mentally

and physically challenging activities, and a routine that is likely much different

than your routine at home

We anticipate the application taking about 1 hour. You can save your progress and resume later, but please make sure that you hit SUBMIT when you are done to ensure that we receive your completed application. You will receive a confirmation message upon submitting your completed application. 

In order for your application to be complete, you MUST complete the following steps by the deadline:
1) Online Application (you're doing that now!)
2) Fill out the No Barriers disability survey below (if applicable). 

All applications must be submitted online unless you require a print format, large print or braille copy. Please contact Rachel Strommen at No Barriers to request one (rachel.strommen@nobarriersusa.org or 970-484-3633 ext. 314)
Let's Get Started!

PLEASE NOTE: We do most of our communication via email. Be sure to provide an email address that you check regularly!
Birth Date*

If your school does not use the GPA system, please indicate how you are evaluated.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Minors under the age of 18 must provide No Barriers with contact information for legal guardian(s).

Please list the name of a parent or legal guardian. We use this information in case we need to get in touch with your family.

1st Legal Guardian Address

Health History and Disability Information
Applicants will NOT be discriminated on the basis of a disability. Understanding your health history and disability information helps us to assure that we can safely accommodate you during the expedition. Upon acceptance, No Barriers Youth requires a comprehensive health history report signed by a certified health practitioner demonstrating the student's ability to participate.
This information will help us create the best possible educational experience for all participants.

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will not be considered completed until you fill out the disability survey (dependent on your selections above).

Please leave this field as "None" if you do not have any restrictions.
Previous Experience
Prior camping and hiking experience is NOT required for acceptance to the Breaking Barriers program.

Short Essays
Getting to Know You
Please write a short personal bio (250-500 words). What is your story? What makes you unique? Tell us about yourself -- what hobbies you enjoy, your future career interests, and/or causes or issues that you care about.

You & the Breaking Barriers Expedition
Please write a short essay (250-500 words) explaining why you want to join the Breaking Barriers program. Consider including answers to the following:
  • What do you hope to learn from this program?
  • How do you think you will use your experiences with this program once you return?
  • What skills, talents, and/or characteristics do you think would make you a good member of this team?
  • What does being a good leader mean to you and how have you demonstrated this in the past?
  • What does inclusion mean to you?

Life Elements Information

You & The No Barriers Mindset
This expedition is about thinking how you can live a No Barriers Life. Tell us about the barriers that you face or have faced, how you approach adversity, and why you think this expedition could change the way you take on challenges. (300-500 words).

Scholarship Information
Some scholarship assistance may be available for this program. Please specify your level of scholarship need below.

Personal Commitment Checklist