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Challenge Fund - Application - Please note this round is now closed and this form can no longer send in applications.  

Please refer to guidance notes before completing this form
Section 1: Contact Information 

Lead Partner

Primary Contact Details

We use this data to

Assess your application for a grant.

Monitor any grant made to your organisation and to perform any other requirements set out in the grant agreement between us.

Allow us to perform our part of the grant agreement and to allow us to report to any other organisation involved in the funding of the grant, and our funders, where applicable.

Inform you, with your consent, about grant opportunities, training events and relevant seminars and conferences that may be of interest to you and to consult with you through surveys.

We may use personal data that identifies you, such as photographs, in our reports to our funders.

We will retain your personal data after the completion of the grant agreement for a period specified in the grant agreement.  This will be deleted thereafter, unless you consent for us to retain it.

If you want to find out more about what we do with your data, you can access our Privacy Notice.

Section 2: Funding Category

Please note: changing your selection to this question mid-application will delete your progress.

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Section 3: Tell us more about how the fund will help

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Section 4: Governance and partnerships

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Section 5: Reporting 

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Section 6: Links to strategy 

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Section 7: Financial breakdown 

Please detail the costs associated with your project.


Support costs (e.g. training or venue hire)

Other costs (e.g. travel, food) 

Total Costs 

Total Requested from Challenge Fund

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Section 8: Authorisation 

Approval by Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) Chair or Local Authority/Health and Social Care Director 

To the best of our knowledge the information given on this form gives a true and accurate account of the proposal to which it relates. We confirm that on behalf of the Local Authority or Health and Social Care Partnership and the charity we authorise Corra Foundation to:
  • publish details of financial support given to this proposal and of the objectives of the project;
  • to pass any details obtained about the project through this application or through subsequent assessment procedures to the external partner funding agencies, 
  • and also to use such information as part of any Corra Foundation customer satisfaction survey 
  • and as part of any Corra Foundation media release or publication.

These details will not be used for commercial purposes.

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Section 9: Enclosures
Please make sure that you have enclosed copies of the following with your application:

Section 10: Bank Account Information

Corra Foundation, Riverside House, 502 Gorgie Road Edinburgh EH11 3AF
e: hello@corra.scot t: 0131 444 4020 www.corrascot

(The) Corra Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland (No SC009481) and is also a company limited by guarantee (No SC096068). Fortify Social Enterprise CIC is a community interest company registered in Scotland and is also a company limited by guarantee (No SC507457). (The) Corra Foundation was previously called Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland.