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We offer a full day of programs for attorneys and paralegals needing to meet some or all of the requirements of Business & Professions Code Section 6450(d). State Law requires that most Paralegals have completed 8 hours of continuing legal education every two years.


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This course covers three legal ethical topics. Two hours is devoted to general ethical issues regarding the utilization of paralegals by the law office. One hour apiece is devoted to detection and prevention of substance abuse, and to the elimination of bias in the legal profession, as these issues arise in the attorney/staff relationship.

This course is a continuation of Legal Ethics, Part I, covering ethical topics surrounding the attorney/staff relationship and professional responsibility in the law office setting and in the legal profession, in general.

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Practicing mindfulness based stress reduction can better equipped us to deal with the stressful challenges facing us in our workplace and lives.  While not a full blown course, this program will offer stress reducing mindfulness tips to help get you through the day.

This interactive program is designed as an introduction for beginners in the use of one of the main stays in computer assisted legal research: Westlaw Next.  This program will also provide intermediate users of Westlaw with tips and other “how to” uses to improve their Westlaw skills.

This program presents a summary of significant 2018 civil litigation cases impacting the work of paralegals and other legal professionals in the areas of:  Civil Procedure, Employment Law and Tort Law. 

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(SESSION CLOSED) Computer Applications for the Legal Work Place
This interactive program provides an overview of the most popular legal software programs being used in the legal work place.  Attendees will get a demonstration of litigation and practice management software programs such as CaseMap, TimeMap & Hotdocs.

For over 25 years, the “Privette Doctrine” has governed the extent of liability that general contractors and property owners have for worksite injuries suffered by a subcontractor’s employees.  This program will examine the Delgado case that was certified for publication in 2018. It will analyze and explore the rationale utilized by the Court to rebuff attempts to create further exceptions to the Privette Doctrine. 

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