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Oakland Youth Need You!
Thank you for your interest in offering a meaningful employment or internship opportunity for Oakland youth this summer. Completing this form will help us identify excellent matches for the opportunities at your workplace. This form will take 5-10 minutes to complete. You can save a partially completed form and return to it later if needed. If you want support from OUSD to answer any question, feel free to save your draft and reach out to internships@ousd.org with questions/concerns.
Construction Youth

Position Information

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Position Sector

Due to COVID, in-person Internships will require a review of your business's COVID Site Safety Plan by authorized OUSD or City of Oakland staff.

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Youth Eligibility & Requirements

Earn & Learn
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Youth Application & Recruitment Process

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If you are unsure of the best process for your organization, feel free to note that and we will call to discuss.

Dates & Schedule

OUSD's ECCCO program, students and hosts will have the monitoring support of a teacher from the student’s pathway from the dates of June 14 - July 23. We encourage you to consider start and end dates that fall in that window so you and the student can benefit from our support to ensure a successful experience. 

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Youth Compensation Plan

Enter the total stipend amount or hourly wage and total hours if known

Enter the total stipend amount or hourly wage and total hours (if known)

Position Location

Primary Employer Contact (in charge of recruitment & selection)

Youth Supervisor

In addition to Summer Internships and Employment, OUSD and the City of Oakland facilitate work-based learning opportunities throughout the year. Would your organization be interested in participating in any of the following work-based learning opportunities?  
This form and recruitment effort is a partnership with the Earn & Learn network. 

Earn & Learn organizes work-based learning experiences that are transformational for youth and easy and meaningful for employers. We are a single point of contact for employers to work with the region's schools, colleges and community organizations. Issues with this form? Let us know at info@earnlearn.us. 

We appreciate you!

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