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PeerCorps 2019 Application: Detroit & Pittsburgh

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Thank you for your interest in PeerCorps. If you're looking for an unique service or B mitzvah program that allows you to pursue social justice rooted in Jewish values--you've come to the right place.  Depending on your grade level, you may select one of our three cohorts: Mentees (6th-8th); Kesher (9th); or Mentors (10th-12th).

In Pittsburgh, the Mentee program fee is $125 per cycle (Fall and Spring). You may register for one or both cycles! Upon your acceptance to the program, we will send you a link for your family to pay.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to email Sarah Allyn in Detroit at, or Rachel Libros in Pittsburgh,
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If you have any questions, please write to Sarah Allyn, with Detroit questions or Rachel Libros,, with Pittsburgh questions.Thank you so much for your interest.

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Your Application Type
PeerCorps is a mentorship program inviting teens from all denominations to build deep relationships with one another and engage in community-based volunteering.

Mentee Experience: B Mitzah age students commit to six sessions at a grassroots service organization from either October-December (Fall) or March-May (Spring) sessions. Mentees work and learn alongside Mentors with built-in reflection and learning around their service issue areas. Mentee are typically between 6th - 8th grade.

Kesher Experience: Similar to the mentee experience, but for teens looking for a bridge experience in-between being a mentor and a mentee. Kesher students are typically in 9th grade. This option is currently only available in Pittsburgh.

Mentor Experience: Mentors commit to a year of service learning at a designated partner site starting with a 5-6 day orientation in August and a closing program in May. Mentors facilitate at the service site for mentees two times per month and gather as a cohort for learning once per month. Mentors are typically between 10th - 12th grade.

Understanding the Mentor Time Commitment
The Mentor program requires a substantial commitment of time throughout the school year. The program begins in August with a week-long orientation,and ends in May with a closing program. and ending in May with a closing program. 

Mentor Application Questions
As part of this application, we want to begin to get to know you: your story, your interests, and what brings you to this program. With that in mind, please answer each of the below questions with a paragraph.

PeerCorps Mentee and Kesher Interest

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Note:  The Kibbutz Detropia, Coleman A. Young, and Brilliant Detroit sites are already full, so we suggest making other sites your top-choice.

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