SAAMA Team Achievement Award 2020


Application Guidance Notes


Nomination Eligibility


1.      At least one member of the team must be a paid up member of SAAMA.

2.      The candidate(s) does not have to be an “Asset Manager” or within the “Asset Management Team” per se, but needs to demonstrate achievements in the field of asset management. For example, the candidate could be an Engineering student or working in a Finance role.

3.      It is recommended that all nominations are supported by a Sponsor. The Sponsor is asked to encourage and invite individuals to put themselves forward for recognition.

4.      The Sponsor should typically be a more senior colleague or mentor. The Sponsor should have a good level of understanding of the candidate’s achievements and capability but is not asked to verify specific details of applications.

5.      The Sponsor does not have to be a member of SAAMA but should have sufficient knowledge of asset management to complete the nomination form.


Application Process & Timeline


1.      Closing date for applications is midnight on 17 April 2020

2.      Shortlisted candidates will be announced by 4 May 2020

3.      Winners will be announced at SAAMA’s annual conference in May 2020

Application Form:
To be completed by sponsor

To be completed by the person nominating the team

Team leader details