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Basic Information

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Academic Qualifications
Please provide information on your academic qualifications. Only fill out information on post-secondary education, graduate and post-graduate degrees. You can provide details on up to four qualifications in total.

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Professional Experience
Please provide information on your relevant professional experience, listing the most recent post first. You can provide details on up to nine positions in total.

Relevant HCV and/or HCSA Experience
Please provide information on any HCV or HCV-HCSA (or relevant) experience that you may have.

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Past Controversies or Grievances

Please provide information on whether you have been involved in controversies regarding HCV or HCV-HCSA (or relevant) assessments in the past. Controversies in this context are understood as:

  • complaints submitted to a certification scheme (e.g. RSPO) regarding a poor quality assessment in which the applicant was involved;
  • a report released by a reputable NGO or civil society group or news articles in which the applicant’s professional performance is put in question, or similar.

If applicable, please describe up to 3 of the most recent controversies in which you have been involved, and indicate whether they have been resolved.



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