3rd & Binney 2019 Food Vending Application

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While the online application is preferred, if you would rather download a PDF form to fill out on paper please download it here. You may then mail (address is listed on the form) or scan and email to cperalta@cambridgeredevelopment.org

Please note that this online application will not automatically save your work. You can save your progress and resume later by checking the box at the top of this page. The CRA reserves the right to disqualify applications that are not substantially complete or have not answered all questions.

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA) is seeking to complement the 3rd & Binney Street Civic Space for the fourth year with temporary vending uses that will hopefully hint at future retail offerings at the same corner.  The CRA seeks mobile food/beverage/dessert vendors that provide unique, high-quality, and tasty offerings with clean, sustainable, and safe operations.


The 3rd & Binney site is situated in between the innovation district of Kendall Square and the historic East Cambridge neighborhood. In 2016, the CRA undertook a series of capital improvements to the site.  Seating areas, ornamental grasses, and plantings were added.  A special paved parking area for two mobile food/beverage vendors was created.  Since the civic space opened in June 2016, there have been various events held at 3rd & Binney - all free to the public. The location also includes a Bluebike station, making it a popular location for users of the bike-sharing program. Having 3rd & Binney located in the epicenter of the Kendall Square business district and in short walking distance to the Kendall MIT Red Line MBTA stop, the CRA anticipates the site to continue to be a popular destination for residents, visitors, and workers.

The site at 3rd & Binney is anticipated to become available on Monday, March 25, 2019.  Selected vendors will be asked to vend on one or more days per week throughout the 2019 season. 

The CRA seeks a diverse set of proposals with hopes of:
  • Providing street life and usable civic space at the corner of 3rd & Binney,
  • Enhancing the retail and residential corridor of Third St.,
  • Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs entering the retail or food industry, especially new businesses and woman or minority-owned businesses,
  • Complementing the diverse food offerings of Kendall Square with distinctive affordable offerings, and
  • Providing a great public amenity for the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Area.

The CRA seeks mobile vendors to operate trucks, trikes, and food carts on an asphalt pad at the CRA's 3rd & Binney parcel between Monday, March 25, 2019, and Friday, November 22, 2019, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.  

  • Vendors will be bidding for the days/hours of the week, (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) for the opportunity to operate on the day of the week during the entire mobile food vending season.
  • Approved vendors may operate for any time period during their scheduled day, but they must be present at a minimum three (3) consecutive hours on each scheduled day.
  • The asphalt pad has space for only two (2) food trucks at a time, or up to four (4) food carts if there are NO trucks present. Depending on the amount of interest shown by food cart vendors, one day a week may be utilized as "food cart day".

The CRA will not be responsible for the cancellation of vending days due to inclement weather, vendors are encouraged to vend in all reasonable weather conditions.  Fees will not be refunded should vendors choose not to show up.


1.     The mobile vending service vehicle must be licensed to operate within the City of Cambridge by their start date at 3rd & Binney and must meet all applicable health and safety codes at the local, state and federal level. (See licensing and permitting requirements below.)

2.     The mobile vending service vehicle must also provide all necessary water, energy, and waste handling functions necessary to prepare and serve food to the public. Any trash barrels located on public or private property nearby are not to be used for mobile food operations. Mobile food/beverage/dessert vendors must provide trash barrels for their customers waste. Areas surrounding the mobile food vehicle must be kept free of litter.

3.     At least 80% of food/beverage offerings by the vendor must be freshly prepared or prepared by the vendor, and not pre-packaged items. Healthy menu options are encouraged.

4.     Experience with mobile food service and permitting.

5.     Vendors must not have any food vending invoice payments overdue to the CRA or the City of Cambridge.

The CRA will seek to find compatible and complimentary vending options. The CRA will balance scheduling, food types, pricing and the days/hours offered to the CRA in order to curate a mix of food/beverage/dessert offerings.  Preference will be given to vending options presented by food/beverage/dessert operators based in Kendall Square / East Cambridge neighborhoods.  RFP submissions will be judged by the CRA based on a combination of the following information:
  • Days, times, and hours of operation offered (note: hours of operation are from 8:00 AM-9:00 PM, a minimum of three (3) consecutive hours is required).  Preference will be given to vending options who commit to longer hours.
  • Price-point, variety, quality, and uniqueness of food/beverage offerings,
  • Complementarity of food and beverage types presented at same time/day with existing food providers on site, and
  • Ability to track and report sales and/or relevant data that can assist the CRA in improving site activation.
After review of RFP responses, the CRA will offer schedule assignments. Vendors may accept or reject schedule assignments in whole or in part.  Any specifically rejected dates will be immediately made available to other vendors. Once finalized, schedule assignments may not be changed or swapped without prior written approval of the CRA.

Qualifying vendors that are not accepted to the program based on space availability will be kept on a waiting list and may be invited to participate if spaces become available throughout the season, or at other locations in Kendall Square.


Before beginning operation, a vendor will need the following permits and licenses, and must provide copies to the CRA to keep on file:

·       Massachusetts State Hawker and Peddler License (issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) 

·       Annual Peddler/Vendor License (issued by Cambridge License Commission)

o   If the vehicle uses propane, the vehicle must be inspected by the Cambridge Fire Department for compliance with Department of Transportation and 527-CMR guidelines.

·       Mobile Food Truck Permit (issued by the Cambridge Inspectional Services Department), which requires:

o   The license for the restaurant or commercial kitchen in which food is prepared

o   Servsafe Certificate

o   Allergy Awareness Certificate

A vendor may be selected without having received these permits and licenses. If an operation has not received all necessary City of Cambridge permits, inspections, and licenses prior to selection, by submitting under this RFP, you are agreeing to proceed to the appropriate City departments to complete the approval process before your start date at 3rd & Binney. Please note that this process may take several weeks, depending on when inspections can be scheduled. Vendors may not begin operation until all approvals are granted and copies received by the CRA. If a vendor cannot operate at an assigned time due to inspection scheduling delays, it will not restrict their ability to participate in the program after completion of the required inspections.

Because the CRA’s asphalt pad is not on the public right of way, a valet, food truck or jitney permit from the City's Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department is not necessary.

Approved vendors in the CRA’s 3rd & Binney Food Truck Program will be responsible for a $75 per day non-refundable fee payment, for the approved vending days. Vendors pre-pay in order to reserve days on the schedule during the vending season. Bank check or a cashiers check is the only form of payment accepted by the CRA. Personal checks will not be accepted. The fee payment schedule will be: 
  • A non-refundable fee is paid in advance to the CRA for the months of March, April, May, June, and July. 
  • The first invoice payment is due to be paid to the CRA on or before March 15, 2019.
  • A second non-refundable fee is paid in advance to the CRA for the months of August, September, October, and November.
  • The second invoice payment is due to be paid to the CRA on or before July 15, 2019.
The fee will be based on the number of days scheduled for March - July or Aug - Nov. After receiving all required City approvals as described previously, and paying the agreed upon fee to the CRA, vendor's will then be approved to begin operating.

If a vendor fails to operate at its assigned space and time on three (3) consecutive occasions, that vendor’s participation in the program may be revoked, unless the vendor provides a reasonable explanation to the CRA. The CRA also reserves the right to revoke any permits at any time if the program requirements, municipal ordinances or other applicable regulations are violated.

If a vendor's participation in the program is canceled, the vendor's space is forfeited and another approved vendor may take the space.  Fee's paid to the CRA will not be refunded to any vendor whose participation in the program has been revoked by the CRA or the City.

The vendor may decide at any point to discontinue participation in the program by informing the CRA in writing, but will not receive a refund of the fees already paid to the CRA.

December 21, 2018:

RFP emailed out and posted on the CRA website

January 22,  2019, 3:00-4:00 PM:

Site visit and meeting (optional) at 3rd & Binney

(please email cperalta@cambridgeredevelopment.org to sign up for this tour)

January 31, 2019, 4:00 PM:

Any clarifying RFP questions due via email

(please email to cperalta@cambridgeredevelopment.org)

February 8, 2019:

Answers posted on CRA website and emailed to interested parties

CRA website: www.cambridgeredevelopment.org

February 15, 2019, 4:00 PM:

RFP submissions due online or on paper

February 18, 2019 – February 22, 2019:

Proposal evaluations

February 25, 2019:

Notifications to vendors. Selected Vendors will need to contact Cambridge's License Commission and Inspectional Services Department to set up appointments prior to the vending start date.

After February 25, 2019:

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, but participation will depend on what spaces if any remain available

March 25, 2019:

Anticipated start date for new food trucks/mobile vendors to begin operations at the 3rd & Binney

Map of 3rd & Binney propertyAerial ImageFood Truck Site
Note: The above map image is not to scale when viewed online
3rd & Binney Civic Space

Page 2 | Application Form


Please note that this online application will not automatically save your work. You can save your progress and resume later by checking the box at the top of this page. The CRA reserves the right to disqualify applications that are not substantially complete or have not answered all questions.



(JPEG or PDF files)
(JPEG or PDF files)

Proposed hours of operation for each proposed day (Note: vendors may operate anytime between 8am-9pm, but must be present three (3) consecutive hours at a minimum): 

Page 3 | RFP Form


Please note that this online application will not automatically save your work. You can save your progress and resume later by checking the box at the top of this page. The CRA reserves the right to disqualify applications that are not substantially complete or have not answered all questions.
Describe the essence of your food brand, including at a minimum the following items:
  • What are the basics of your menu?
  • What makes your menu unique? 
  • What is your average revenue per customer? 



Restaurant or kitchen facility where food for the truck/cart is prepared when not prepared on the truck:

Page 4 | Signature and Acknowledgements

By signing below, you indicate that you have reviewed the requirements of the CRA 3rd & Binney Food Truck Program, that your mobile food service will meet the applicable requirements to the best of your knowledge, and that you acknowledge the statements below:

Please mark what licenses/permits you have for 2019 as of the completion date of this form:

(JPEG or PDF files)

(JPEG or PDF files)

(JPEG or PDF files)

(JPEG or PDF files)

Page 5 | Required Legal Statements and Certifications
State of Massachusetts
County of Middlesex

being first duly sworn deposes and says that: 

1.0 He/she is (owner, partner, officer, representative, or agent) of 

and the Respondent that has submitted the attached Proposal; 

2.0 He/she is fully informed respecting the preparation and contents of the attached Proposal and of all pertinent circumstances respecting such Proposal;

3.0 Such Proposal is genuine and is not a collusive or sham Proposal;

4.0 Neither the said Respondent nor any of the officers, partners, owners, agents, representatives, employees or parties in interest, including this affiant, has in any way colluded, conspired, connived or agreed, directly or indirectly with any other Respondent, firm or person to submit a collusive or sham Proposal in connection with the Contract for which the attached Proposal has been submitted or to refrain from submitting a proposal in connection with such Contract, or has in any manner, directly or indirectly sought by agreement of collusion or communication or conference with any other Respondent, firm or person to fix the price or prices in the attached Proposal or of any other Respondent, or to fix any overhead, profit or cost element of the Proposal price or the Proposal price of any other Respondent or to secure through any collusion conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement any advantage against the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, the City of Cambridge or any person interested in the proposed Contract; and 

5.0 The price or prices quoted in the attached Proposal are fair and proper and are not tainted by any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement on the part of the Respondent or any of its agents, representatives, owners, employees, or parties in interest, including this affiant.  

The Vendor agrees:
  1. The Vendor shall not, in connection with the services under this Contract, discriminate by segregation or otherwise against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.
  2. The Vendor shall provide information and reports requested by the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority pertaining to its obligations hereunder, and will permit access to its facilities and any books, records, accounts or other sources of information which may be determined by the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority to affect the Vendor’s obligations.
  3. The Vendor shall comply with all federal and state laws pertaining to civil rights and equal opportunity including executive orders and rules and regulations of appropriate federal and state agencies unless otherwise exempt therein.
  4. The Vendor’s non-compliance with the provisions hereof shall constitute a material breach of this Contract, for which the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority may, in its discretion, upon failure to cure said breach within thirty (30) days of written notice thereof, terminate this Contract.
  5. The Vendor shall indemnify and save harmless the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority from any claims and demands of third persons resulting from the Vendor’s non-compliance with any provisions hereof, and shall provide the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority with proof of applicable insurance.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 62C, §49A and Chapter 151A, §19A(b) and Chapter 521 of the Massachusetts Acts of 1990, as amended by Chapter 329 of the Massachusetts Acts of 1991, 

whose principal place of business is located at 

do hereby certify that:

  1. The above-named Respondent has made all required filings of state taxes, has paid all state taxes required under law, and has no outstanding obligation to the Commonwealth's Department of Revenue.
  2. The above-named Respondent/Employer has complied with all laws of the Commonwealth relating to unemployment compensation contributions and payments in lieu of contributions.
  3. The undersigned hereby certifies that the Respondent/Employer (please check applicable item):