Preceptor and Nurse Mentor Program 

Thank you for your interest in the Nurse Aide Preceptor and Nurse Mentor program.  The following form will check your eligibility for the Preceptor and Nurse Mentor program. To be eligible for the Nurse Aide Preceptor program you must currently be a CNA and willing to complete the dementia certification prior March 18th. Nurse Mentors must have been a licensed nurse for at least 1 year. To be eligible you must be Full/Part Time, have 3 or fewer Attendance Points, have been employed with Trilogy at 6 months and have been in your current role for 45 days. If eligible you will be able to apply.
Please enter your SSN to check your eligibility for the apprenticeship program, and begin your application if eligible.  Please note that your information is protected through this form. 

For Employee SSN: The - symbol must be used between the groups of numbers. E.g. 111-11-1111. Error 1.1 would signify an invalid SSN or invalid formatting.