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Since the beginning of human experience, our stories have served as a tool to help us both survive and thrive in the ever-changing world. They helped our ancestors to make meaning out of the confusion, to learn from each other’s’ experiences by sharing the who, what, and where of the outside world with those who had yet to experience it for themselves. They illuminated the tiny details, articulated the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of life itself, and shared their best practices for survival so that others would have a chance at survival themselves. And it wasn’t always just about survival; they shared stories of overcoming great odds, the experience of joy, and the energy that comes from a life well-lived.

After thousands of years of storytelling - our stories are as important as ever before. 


As Conscious Capitalists, we have a duty to share our stories with the rest of the world- to help others make meaning out of a world overflowing with contradictory information, to challenge their assumptions about the way they do business, to bring awareness to the multitude of ways we can practice Conscious Capitalism every day.


We invite you to share YOUR story. Tell us about the danger and the fear - how you faced it down, even if you got it wrong 100 times first. And tell us about what it looked like and felt like when you began to win in your endeavors. 

Tell us YOUR story. Inspire us to do business better. 

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The following questions are designed to help you articulate your personal story.
Please be sure to set aside enough time to really think deeply about these questions and the ways the play out in your personal story as a Conscious Capitalist.