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Host a Half-Day Site Visit & Showcase Your Success Locally, Regionally & Globally: 
As conscious business leaders, we have a duty to share our stories with the rest of the world- to help others make meaning out of a world overflowing with contradictory information, to challenge their assumptions about the way they do business, to bring awareness to the multitude of ways we can practice Conscious Capitalism and elevate humanity through our businesses. As a member of the Site Visit Network, you will join conscious businesses around the world who are changing the practice and perception of business as a force for good. Those who have attended have shared that once they see it in practice, their belief in the potential of Conscious Capitalism increases and so we encourage you to think about these half-day Site Visits as experiential case studies. 


We invite you to share YOUR Company's story with the community that surrounds your office. Conscious Capitalism, Inc. will provide you with an agenda, talking points, slide-deck, press release and more to support you in hosting a successful Site Visit at your business. You and your team will have the opportunity to offer first-hand access and direct exposure to the operational tactics of living and leading a conscious business. Together, we will spread your story and highlight your business as a model of Conscious Capitalism in action.

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Your company's story is extremely important to us. We want to be able to share it in the most compelling way possible. Please take the time you need to answer each question, and wherever possible, please provide examples, experiences, data, and any media that might help us to better share your story with Conscious Capitalists around the world.