Handling Tax Sale Foreclosure Cases: Practice Tips & Perspectives from the Magistrate’s Office

View the training (taped February 27, 2019) via on-demand WEBCAST on your device at a place and time convenient to you. You will be emailed access instructions within 1 business day.

Volunteer lawyers will hear practice tips from a panel of experts and a fellow pro bono volunteer on handling tax sale foreclosure defense cases, and the Magistrate’s Office will offer their perspective on these cases.  Volunteer lawyers who are new to tax sale are encouraged to view the on demand recording of “Tax Sale Foreclosure Prevention in Baltimore City” before attending this training. This training, offered as part of PBRC's Home Preservation Project, is free to lawyers who agree to attend one Baltimore City tax sale prevention clinic and handle one pro bono case within one year of training. (Note: lawyers who are new to tax sale prevention and need access to the basic training webcast can do so, free of additional pro bono commitments.)  

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