Nancy Heleno - College Counseling Scholarship

Please Submit by MAY 30th for consideration.

The College Essay Instructor, Nancy Heleno, is teaming up with The Northern California Epilepsy Foundation to bring nine full College Counseling Scholarships and nine half-scholarships to our community. All current high school juniors, or seniors taking a gap year between high school graduation and college, are eligible to apply.


Please fill out the questionnaire below and submit it, along with the requested short composition by the deadline of May 30th. The 18 recipients will be notified by email. Ms. Heleno will sign and send all recipients a non-disclosure form to ensure confidentiality.


All awards can be redeemed between June 1,2019 and January 15, 2020.

Ms. Heleno’s collaboration with the recipients will conclude January 15, 2020.


Nancy will “meet face-to-face” with recipients via the virtual meeting platform, Zoom, for which you will need a computer with a camera. Document will be shared through google docs.

Types of Awards

Ms. Heleno is donating three different types of awards, outlined below.

Please prioritize your interest in each award by putting a 1, 2, or 3 in the box below of the award.

If you know you would not be interested in one or more of the awards, please leave it blank.

Please attach a composition, no longer than one page, explaining: 
~ your academic goals 
~ your passion(s) 
~ what you feel you would bring to the student body on a college campus 
~ questions you have about the college application process