Register of Activity Providers Application

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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia
All questions are mandatory, and must be answered before submission of the application. Before filling out this application, please make sure you have read all information regarding being included on the Register of Activity Providers on our website.  

This form must be submitted with supporting documentation, as detailed below: 
  1. Signed Volunteer Code of Conduct
  2. Insurance Certificate(s) of Currency
  3. Minimum 2 Working With Children Checks of staff members/volunteers 
  4. Evidence of Award training i.e training certificates
  5. Minimum 2 written references from Award Centres who have used your services for the Award
Organisation/Company Details

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Activity Details

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Training Requirements

Trained Personnel 1

Trained Personnel 2 (optional)

Trained Personnel 3 (optional)

Working With Children Check Information

We request the DOB for this part of the application so we can verfiy the WWCC status 
Provide details for at least two members of staff


Award Experience - History with the Award

In order to verify your experience with the Award and working with Award Centres, please supply TWO written references. Please provide the details of 2 Referees below. Remember to attach the written references as part of this application.  

An Award Centre Referee should be an Award Leader from an Award Centre that has used your Organisation's Activity in the past. 
Award Centre Referee 1

Award Centre Referee 2


Supporting Documentation

Register Conditions
By submitting this application, you agree to the following: 
  1. We recognise that the National Board may at any time and at its sole discretion remove an Activity Provider from the Register due to non-compliance with Award requirements, unsafe practices, matters of unethical activity, reputational damage and/or complaints made and upheld. 
  2. We agree to pay the application fee and an annual fee for our inclusion on the Register of Activity Providers.
  3. The use of the Award logo on any documentation including digitally is subject to prior approval by the CEO of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Australia. With approval, Activity Providers may use the Award logo with the words “Proudly Supporting”, as per the Award’s branding guidelines.
  4.  As an Activity Provider and, where relevant, as Assessors, we will ensure the Participant is supported to complete the relevant Section of the Award in accordance with the Award Handbook, and recorded in the Online Record Book.
  5.  We will abide by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia Volunteer Code of Conduct as published in The Award Handbook. A signed copy is required.

We confirm that the information provided above is accurate. Should there be any changes, we will immediately inform in writing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia.